How to Run Android Apps on a Mac? Is it Possible?

I want to run an Android App on my Mac? How can I?

Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Blackberry Windows etc. apps are popular and runs on their respective software, we all know, but what to do if we need to run any app on cross-platform; like want to run an Android app on Windows PC or want to run an Android app on a Mac?

Nothing to crack or jailbreak, just a simple solution, use Bluestacks! technology allows to run Android apps on x86-based devices and on Windows or Mac,

Bluestacks app player can very well, blend, cross-platforms into one, and a Android app user can have fun on Windows PC with Android app or equally can play on a Mac with Android apps, it is simple and a non technical person can too handle this easily … this is a multi OS runtime, machine.

This is a dual OS technology for Touch Screen Digital Tablets and PCs!

Seamless Syncing in-between Android and  Mac or WINDOWS OS,

Enjoy Google Android apps on Microsoft's Windows OS or Mac, play games like Angry Birds, Zynga, Fruit Ninja or morph into a full Android experience on a Mac or Windows PC.

Origin of the Symbol '@' in an Email ID: Why, When, How?

Life and the internet both are full of various symbols … a symbol is generally an arbitrary sign that has acquired a conventional significance. Symbols are used to express the meaning of any word in an image form.

A symbol signifies the perfect meaning of the word which you want to use. But there are many symbols used in the field of communication which amazes you or shuffles your mind that why are they being used?

One of the most common symbols that are being used by every person of any age is“@”. This symbol is used in your email Id’s and is mostly referred as “at” or “at the rate”.

Do you know that why this @ symbol is being used and why it comes in modern communication: email etc ? How this is evolved?

So let us review the history of the generation of this @ symbol (type: ‘shift + 2’ on your PC)

History of symbol @:

Surprisingly, there is no official, or any universal name for this symbol and it is most commonly referred as “at” sign in this modern world. But do you know where this sign came from?

The history tells us that this symbol was generated by the medieval monastic. It is said that during the Middle Ages when there were no printing presses, each andevery letter was supposed to be transcribed in a very speedy manner. The workers who performed this work were in the search of some keywords that will reduce their work. But the letter “at” was itself very short, but still the monks thought to reduce it so, they looped the “t” around “a” and thus, thesign “@” came into existence.

There is one more tale regarding the evolution of the sign “@”: it was used as a word signified for Amphora. This word was used as a unit of measurement that decidesthe amount held by the Terra cotta jars which are used to ship the grains, spices etc. some traders saw this sign in the a book transcribed by the medieval monks and started using the same.

Why the symbol “@” is used and where?

Well, this symbol is generally and always used in the email (communication). This symbol has become the central part of the Internet as it was chosen to be a separator in email addresses by Ray Tomlinson in 1972.

E-mail (Electronic Mail) has reshaped the face of communication over past few decades. It is becoming a key priority for communication of every user in the very digital age. Thanks to Ray Tomlin son here for great revolutionary outcome of email, that eases the work for every human being, as of the email, a unique communication, our messages are instantly send to the various hosts all over the world.

But the question still remains the samethat why to use this symbol?

Ray Tomlinson discovered that there different hosts can be differentiated usingthis symbol that separates their user name and the machine name (he developed atime-sharing system known as: TENEX).

Previously, before the ‘invention’ of the emails, the “@” sign was just used as a unit of weight in commerce and nowhereelse. It was already on the standards keyboard layout which was easilyaccessible. Thus it was used to separate the mailboxes from the host were themailbox is located. Until 1971, when the actual email was ‘discovered’, themachines could only send the desired messages to the users within its own system.

The popularity of email was boosted after this invention and thus came email became the core technology in this galactic field of Internet communication.

The “@” symbol has quite interesting history but now it is a standard symbol in the Internet media and not at all strange for us. Who cares for @, we just care for our emails without noticing the contribution of @ to our digital lives.

Related: (Do you know): Twitter has such an another symbol for its instant web communication technology, which is known as # (hash tag).

Of interest:

Story of send

Thank you Ms Devashree B. for this nice tip and article!


iOS App to convert MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Photos etc. into Adobe PDF format

An app which can convert MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote files, HTML pages and Photos to Adobe PDF format!

The technology has an eccentric evolution now-a-days! New technologies are being discovered for the better use of the users. One such new application or the technology has been emerged which has great uses for the users.

...Convert to PDF Pro is the new application that permits the users to convert the MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint pages, numbers, keynotes files, HTML pages and photos to Adobe format.

It is really an attractive, user friendly interface and easy to use application.

What is this application and what are its features?

app which can convert MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote files, HTML pages and Photos to Adobe PDF format
iOS app to convert MS Word, Photos, HTML to Adobe PDF format
…the application Convert to *.PDF Pro is an easy to use application that allows its users to convert the word, excel power point files as well as the HTML pages and photos to Adobe PDF format.

The converted files can be opened in iBooks, Good Reader or PDF Reader application for the experience of good reading. Wonderful!

The converted files can send to other computers through emails as well as can be open in other applications too!

Let us check out the features of this application:

• The files can be mail out as email attachments.
• You can use WiFi file transfer or USB file transfer too!
• Also you can set the PDF properties to the generated documents such as PDF title, author name, password and subject.
• The files can be copied to clipboard too!
• You can also print these files.
• It can also handle large number of files.

A must have application for all the users.

Download the application from iTunes… its easy and excellent app!!

Thanks Devashree B. for writing this article for your Telephoon blog!

Calling Italy & worldwide phones for free

Localphone is back again with free worldwide calling promo, this time, the unlimited phone calls to land lines in Italy are free, sign up or login with your Facebook account (no fine prints, nothing to pay, until you want to pay ....

Try 5 minutes free international calls to anywhere in the world over any cell phone, tablets, PC on WIFI, 3G or Local numbers (non premium), courtesy, localphone, if you like the call quality and ease of access, than start with minimum $1, no service charge, no contract, no expiry, money back guarantee ...

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On{X} remote controls & programs Android phones using a JavaScript API

Microsoft Israel has initiated an ambitious on{X}, an app or a project for Android cell phones, tablets and devices to automate your Google's Android gadgets, hence your life too : )

What is on{X}, why it is on{X}, how to on{x} ... etc. may be the numerous FAQ, which could hinder and wander any curious brain,

Well, this is a Microsoft initiative to remotely control & program an Android device, using a Java script API, hence it extends and controls the capabilities of your Android tablets or cell phones, simply it means if you have an Android, your digital world would be easy for you.

You can define any rules, to 'program' your simple Android gadgets and it will follow your digital commands, it is easy and worth, like you can command or program for your Android as:

suppose, you are on a drive and during that, get a phone call; set command for your Android device to auto-text message as:

"I am on the drive right now, I will call back you later"

Microsoft's on{X} app, programs and remote controls any Android
Microsoft's on{X} app program and remote control any Android

or program your smart cell phone as: 

"When I reach office, remind me to call Mr. David, for an important discussion."

You may also love to program your Android like this:

"When I reach home, remind me to take the kids for a dinner."

on{X} app program and remote control any Android
on{X} app program and remote control your Android
on{X} simply is a type of a virtual digital assistant, which could be pre-programmed (for 'recipes') from remote distance to ease and share your work something like Apple's SIRI. The difference is that you can program your on{X}, using Java script API, from anywhere to control your Android device-s.

How on{X} app helps you? (login & authenticate with Facebook)

... They say on{X} app for Android, automates your life, this seems to be quiet right, as this app has the very capabilities that anybody seeks, it helps you, it reminds you, it can be pre-program from a remote distance and it take a virtual control on your digital life, may be some less hassles for you, if you use this app on your Android.

Download on{X} for your Android:

If you want to be a geek, you just need to learn basics, how to create or program the Java script rules or commands or bit of coding and push them to an Android phone.

Simply you never ever can pre-program your hubby, but you always can to your Android ; ) ..... just automate and control your electronic life, when you need a mental peace, you will need this on{X} for Android ... sorry Apple and iOS users, we have no such info for you, so you can always use above mentioned SIRI.

Make unlimited free calls to Croatia phones

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Why to Skype; GTalk or VOIP is an offence in Ethiopia?

Al-Jazeera reports that using the VoIP calling services like; Viber or Google talk could land you in prison for up to 15 years, in Ethiopia, as they have made it a criminal offence, but why?

Offence related to unlawful use of telecommunication laws could be termed as a law to curb the freedom of expression and right to speak, which is really should be condemned by any sane societies ... national security is fine but why to criminalize the use of internet telephony?

Is this the game of declining revenues of local telcos versus VoIP? TechCrunch says that country's only ISP, which is State owned is, has been filtering its citizen’s Internet access for quite some time now to suppress opposition blogs and other news outlets.


LocalPhone's free phone calls to Irish land lines

Localphone, is one of the cheapest internet telephony or VoIP provider to world from UK, they are cheap; reliable and honest, just try them for free..

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Call for free to US; Canada and UK phones, from iPad, iPod or iPhone is an established, popular, easy and trusted video chat platform to make free live and real time or face to face video call conferencing and now it has a new app for iOS: Firetalk 

Free calling voip app
free call app: Firetalk
Firetalk, the free telephony app has something more to offer to its global customers, free calls from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch over WIFI or 3G, no real phone number is ever required as this would be a VOIP calling, thus calling could be done over Apple iPad or iPod Touch using WIFI or 3G data plans without a SIM card,

 ... this Firetalk app provides for absolutely free calling to any phone numbers situated in US or Canada something more than that, i.e. a free calling also to the UK land line numbers,

Also it has cheap rates phone calls (over 3G or WIFI) to any country in the world like any VoIP or telecom provider with $1 free calling credit to the new customers to test the app and make a free test call to verify the call quality with rates genuinity,

App to app calling and texting is always unlimited free to anywhere in the world from anywhere, like most of the apps provides for on WIFI or 3G, but the data charges will apply, so be sure, before a go,

Where there is a noisy signal, no signal or dropped calling problem, you should use WIFI to make a VoIP free calls over this VoIP free calling app,

The free calling app, firetalk never will clash with your normal or the regular phone number/service, so do not get worried, and it is a advert free service, so only free calls and say NO to any ads : )

Watch the video, how to send free text and make free calls using Firetalk app:

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