VoIP on RIM-Blackberry 10 - QNX operating system

Hey, so you still use a Blackberry? My God! ... this could be a pathetic satire in the business world's smart phone consumers' segment, but indeed the advent of the Google Android, Windows phones and Apple iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab etc smart cell phones and smart digital tablets and latest mobile OS has changed the scenario, Canada based Research in Motion's or RIMs Blackberry has to strive hard to meet the Android & Apple phenomenon, 
VOIP on Blackberry 10
VoIP for Blackberry 10

Gone are the days perhaps when the Blackberry smart mobile phones were deemed to be the best business phones option and the monopoly is over, now we know Android mobile operating software is marching ahead of all beating all odds and there is a cut throat competition between Apple iOS and Google Android now ... Blackberry, Nokia are making new innovations to catch the lost global markets.

RIM's BB10 or Blackberry 10 (the latest mobile OS from RIM) is the latest venture or the latest mobile penetrating system from RIM Canada, for its smart cell phones and digital tablets.  Blackberry 10 is based on QNX (Unix-like) technology (which is now RIM's part, was acquired by RIM and was previously known as BBX)

Truphone will enable the VoIP app for Blackberry 10 (for real-time communication) to cut global roaming costs and enable cheap international mobile VoIP calls

Truphone.com, is a leading name in the global wireless carrier and the pioneers in mobile VoIP apps and solutions! They have developed VoIP mobile apps for all mobile OS like Nokia, Blackberry, Android an iOS etc.,  

Truphone is going to give the RIM Blackberry 10 users' an app, which will enable the Voice of internet protocol or simply the VOIP, to cut the hefty international roaming charges, and make cheap overseas VoIP calls from Blackberry 10 mobiles and tablets, the users may also send text messages over WIFI / 3G / 4G or LTE / OTT (over the top) for the very low rates as this will use data charges or internet calling. 

So, it would be worth for mobile VoIP users and  lovers to wait & watch Truphone's BB10-mobile VoIP app in action as it will come to an existence and than to make the VoIP calling on your latest Blackberry 10 smart cell phone handset; or/and playbook tablet etc and go through a very cheap international roaming experience! 

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