Use Google+ Hangouts on Air, to stream free and live broadcast!

Google+ or Google Plus is a social online platform of Google a bit like Facebook or such social networks where you LIKE & Share anything in the world!

Google+ social networking has many cool features and one of those is HANGOUTS, as the name suggests, you can hangout here for any length of time with yours and can make video conferencing or make free group video chat (calling), share social online world on your smart web or Android, iOS smart cell phone too,

Google+ lets you broadcast your stream to Youtube live and to Google+
Google+ Hangouts on Air; Broadcast Your World for free on Google+ & YouTube

What's up?

Well, Google's hangouts on air is now capable to stream live video broadcast publicly to whole of the world at large on your YouTube and Google+ channels,

To start a new hangout on the air broadcasting, first you have to initiate a normal Hangout > select 'Record Broadcast' and up to 9 (total 10) guys can join a hangout broadcast,

... than let Google do some 'maths', Google will upload a public recording automatically to a user's YouTube channel, (YouTube is also the Google's web property), and also add the YouTube link to the Google Hangout in Google+

Whole of the procedure seems to be Abra-ka-dabra or Latin & Greek to a newbie, but it is NOT that much tough, if US astronauts can land on Moon, Google Earth can pin point your home than you also can stream your live broadcast to the world using Google+ Hangouts on Air! Just be hopeful and full of spirits!

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