Turn an Android into kid's smartphone with GPS and parental control from the web

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Do you know that you can turn or convert any Google Android cell phone or device, tablet etc into a smart phone for children (kids' phone), and that is too with full fledged GPS navigation and parental control from the web. 
Turn any Android into kid's smartphone with GPS and parental control from the web
So what to do and how could I must be the buzzing questions in your mind now, and one thing, an you can now be relaxed while your kid (son/daughter) can have your Android mobile and you are happy as you have the full parental control on your cell phone with GPS too : )

Kytephone is the name of the game which promises to turn ANY Android phone into a kid friendly smart mobile with GPS tracker to track your child any time, any where and with full web parents' control. 
Convert an Android phone into kid's pone with GPS & parental control
To get started here you have to free signup, and than to install a free Kytephone app from Android's market or Google Play (play.google.com),

You are now good to give your Android cell phone or tablet PC to you child with a confidence, as you can track him/her on this Earth using GPS navigation and also control him/her for doing any activity on your smart cell phone, OK security and prevention is good, but please never mistrust your child, you know Trust bears trust ...

Using Kyte phone's smart parents' settings, your kid can make or receive phone calls from the list of approved or pre-approved from parents phone numbers and can also use and play any apps on phone, which is approved by parents again. 

Parents can track GPS navigation of their child and can pinpoint or locate him, also they can login to get data of the calls or apps usage by their kid on the phone, they can even change the settings using the web dashboard, that what their child should do, to whom he may call and to whom he should never, 

... and this all of the information will sync automatically from the very dashboard of the web, parents do not require the very Android phone to make settings again and again, so kid might get alerted or annoyed, use this, it is kids, parents friendly and a nice app for Android phones! Wow!!!

Use parental control and GPS on kids' Android

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