TinyTap App - Tag your voice in photos and play with toddlers!

A new app for the parents and their tiny tots, the TINYTAP app is a cute one, you can use this interactive digital gaming application on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and can play with your own voice which can be tagged or recorded or attached within photos,

TinyTap app to play with kids, add your voice to photos
TinyTap app is a fun
Children are always charming, fascinating and an inspiration for me, really they are the Father of the Man!

Days never comes again which we had enjoyed in our childhood, only the memory remains with NO time on being a parent and such; a child gives the meaning to our lives and fills the voids, if we have any : )

Well, TinyTap app is specially designed and carved for Apple iPad, with its stunning graphics, on a retina display, this could be one of the best play mate for a cute little innocent kid, who even do not know what is an iPad and how apps works over it, he will only smile, cry or do such things, record his and your own voice on the photos, to play later with your toddler, he will recognize your photo and voice and this would make you happy for the sure : )

Turn& freeze the moments into playful and educational gaming arena with children, this is the real joy man, where are you trying to find that joy or peace, this is only in your home and just a kids' play!

The app is based on the smart ability of a toddler to recognize the known faces and the voice : )

Start playing, create new interactive and personalized games or a textbook from your photos, record a voice, ask a question, give a hint, all things in a familiar voice and photo will make happy to your kid and than watch the activities of your smart kid, what he do and how, there are some cool soundtracks too to make your interactive iPad games more personalized one!

For the most creative parent (illustrator, author, educator or have a wild imagination), if you have created a cool game, picture text, textbook etc than even you can sell it on their website to earn a fame, name, creative satisfaction and galore, you may contact them at [email protected]

Most recommended for ages 2+

It is coming for Android too very soon,

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