A Super-HD mobile VoIP App for making free calls: Plingm

Use Plingm: A super-HD-VoIP quality calling app for making unlimited free overseas phone calls

Plingm: Mobile VoIP app to make free & cheap calls
Hello, please raise your hands, those who need to make the unlimited and free global calls from Android cell phones & tablets or Apple iPhone, iPad tablet, iPod Touch and the calls that too of DVD voice quality, means the free or cheap mobile VoIP calls of super HD voice in crystal clear manner : )

Now you can use or convert your Apple iPad, iPod Touch and Google Android tablets like Samsung Galaxy tab etc into a real phone, to make free HD-VOIP voice calls, without a SIM or any phone number on WIFI or 3G data networks using the free app from PLINGM / FREEPHOO ....

Good! Than here is the app PLINGM from Sweden (formerly known as Freephoo app) to make mobile high definition sound quality calling  from your smart cell phone and tablet PCs,

The calls are globally free for the app users of Plingm to Plingm and also free to your LinkedIn connections, also you can make VoIP calls to your Facebook friends. No cheating, no fine prints and HD sound quality is guaranteed from Plingm (Freephoo), they are already popular worldwide and in Japan, Gulf too : )

FYI: The Plingm app is perhaps one of the very first apps, on iTunes app store which permits the app user to buy premium minutes using Apple's own payment system, or Apple's In-app-purchase! Have fun, have Plingm (Pling Me).

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