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Smart phone and tablet's FREE apps for making your driving trouble free and safe

At many times and on many moments, life seems to be risky and seems to be frisking out of our control, roads are becoming danger zones and not safe for even one of our careless mistake,

The best golden rules for a safe driving may be:

- 'Think others blind & insane' so keep proper distance and speed, i.e. you should take the full responsibility on your own when driving on the road, never expect that the other people will not hit you : )

- Be rational and in senses, road never gives second chances in our lives, so be extra vigilant, not coward : )

- Keep the vehicle in proper condition, machines can also fail anytime like human so better get a grip & check on them, than leave your worries on the Gods, sometimes the things can never be avoided, despite the best precautions ...

- If you are tech savvy than better take the advantage of some essential and useful gadgets and apps, mushrooming now-a-days to help you and make driving easy for you,

Use iOnRoad app for safe car driving on the roads from Israel!

Drive car safely, smart driving app: ionroad
Life is precious, do not throw it on roads, use senses and technology!
This app is a perfect blend of GPS fitted with augmented reality and is very easy and handy to use, ionroad app is available for Android system and you have to wait a bit for your iOS or iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it is on the way ...

- Get iOnRoad, the Android driving app with GPS & augmented reality here,

- -Wait a bit for this app on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, its coming ...

- This magical app uses the camera to prevent and alert you from any collisions,

- The app warns you when you departure your lane,

- It reads away your incoming text messages too and you can listen music while working this app, can make phone calls as usual etc.

- The road app can check and measure the speed of the vehicle and will alert or warn you when your speed increase that you are going to collide with the car or truck ahead of you, so get control on your throttle (forward collision advance warning),

- The app keep in its memory about the parking position of your vehicle with the help of the GPS, it can let you know when the car was parked and it snapshots the parking lot, where you have parked your vehicle, so nothing to hassle in a large parking lot or in a mall,

- The road driving app: ionroad dramatically improve your driving experience on any road in the REAL-TIME, as it uses smart phones' or tablet's GPS functionality, native camera and propels the augmented reality to get you best desired results on the road, their visual radar maps van pin-point the objects ahead of you in real-time algorithm for image recognition and tracking just by knowing your current speed, so you can make a 'BRAKE'!

Get social with iOnRoad app:

Well, you can also share your driving on the road experience with your social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, just share and compare who is the best driver in the world : ) Be the Road King!

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