Qwips: stream your voice on the silent, boring web; give it a life

Qwips for voice tagging to any app or web site, a social voice for web!

I think that the world might how much be over crowded or having a cut throat competition for any new things ideas or any new beginnings, but this amazing and magical world of internet is always and will be always open for any new innovations.

… like if you have some unique idea, product, concept, services or app etc. to offer than you too could rule with the other co-rulers of the world wide web and there are no dearth of seats here, no limitations, anyone can be a ‘ruler’ here in the clear terms of the web traffic,

… and few of the best examples of our recent times are ANGRY BIRD gaming app and the FACEBOOK revolution, which has just begun and had clean swept the virtual world (in almost very short time) and even the BIG BOSS the Google seems to be ‘terrified’ and is falling behind the eccentric & viral Facebook addiction,

What is Qwips?
Qwips is such a unique voice tagging concept which can add sound to the ‘dumb’ internet instantly, this is a simple concept which adds the VOICE capability to any web page, website, blog or such web properties,

Qwips for voice tagging to any app, facebook or website
Add voice to silent internet or any apps
How to Qwips?

Qwips.com is a social voice messaging or communication platform, … you know the Twitter, it permits up to 140 words limited text blogging or micro-blogging or we can say it as the SMS of internet,

Something like this, the Qwips records your voice messages up to 30 seconds (voice captions), it is free and record your messages on Qwips.com,

Just record your real voice on an internet app, voice tagging photos, video narration, emails, email voice signatures, voice emoticons to any text messages, word press blogs, Instagram for voice, Twitter or Facebook account, or any social online network or web applications,

Qwips creates the social communication with a personal touch and full of human sentiments, so the listener of the messages get thrilled and excited as he is listening you face-to-face on a live phone call,

You can even use the Apple iOS app to record your voice and add it to the World Wide Web, emails, photos or any apps,


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