Non-verbal digital communication in real-time: Feel Me app

There is an emotional smart phone texting app (in fact it is about to come) for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc.) based devices which can be said to initiate a non-verbal and digital communication in the real-time with a human touch and feel, it is Feel Me app!

Verbal and Non-verbal communication

Well, the communication could be of several ways and type, from verbal to non-verbal. We know  and use verbal communication in our daily lives very well, and also the non-verbal one like saying something by expressions, smile or touch or by way of hands gesture etc, these all and such more genre could be grouped into a non-verbal way of human communication!
Emotional iPhone texting app: Feel Me
Feel Me app for non-verbal communication

The app makers describes their Feel Me app as, "a sweet playful connection with the person on the other side", as it helps you initiating a direct live connection.

About the app:

Well, there are thousand of millions of app to make video calling, calling, IM, chatting, SMS or other type of verbal communication using smart cell phones, they all use traditional ways of connecting people,

But Feel Me is a bit different type of an app to make smart and sentiments soaked non-verbal communication which could be felt and touched by the person on the other end with whom this communication is in the progress, in the very real-time! reveals about this app in more details, that this app adds a new dimension to the text messaging, like you can see (in real-time) a tiny red dot like above picture, this dot show: where on the screen the other person's finger is currently pressing ... that's it, you can feel the real human touch, you can have sentiments to pour, you may be happy or sad, this is why we say the app as an emotional app for cell phones' communications, just feel the presence of your loved one on the other side of mobile devices!

... Actually, when the two persons, in the real-time, touch the same red dots, a tiny 'reaction' type thing happens like a vibration or a sound resonance (this is a proof that both the persons on two ends are doing things in the same time), may be, it makes your non-verbal communication, in fact more verbal, words only are NOT the good option for a verbal interaction but the feelings hidden in the words are important too : )

No app, no cell phone, no digital connection or such could ever replace a face-to-face real human interaction, but in the era where the physical distances matters (though they never should matter in the age of internet) and the time is short, these such innovative communicating apps and devices can make a man happy, even for a while, am I right? 


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