Make Free calls to Greece now

Local Phone's free worldwide calling is back again

It is LocalPhone free calling promo for a week again, with nothing to buy, no fine prints as usual,

Use Localphone to make free phone calls to Greece land lines for a week starting May 25, 2012 till June 1, 2012

Free calls to Greece until 1 June + Free trial calls to any country in the world for 5 minutes included,

... Not only Greece, just try free for 5 minutes to call anywhere in the world using your ANY cell phone, old or new, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android with Apps or even land line or PC everything works here,

Salient Features:

-No fine prints,

-Nothing to buy, test it for free, even no credit card is needed,

-Nice call quality,

-After free promo if you like you can start with buying only minimum $1 credit in your account balance, which will never expire with the time validity,

-Call rates are one of the cheapest in the world, compare with Skype or

-No contracts, nothing to pay each week or month or year,

-No connection charges, no service charges,

-Nice customer care,

-Money back guarantee, what you need more : )

free calls to greece, free international calling

So make a free trial call to anywhere first, than make 1 week free calls to Greece land line phones or just start with buying only $1 credit or more as you wish, or may be refer some friends and get some free credits to make free or low cost international or local calls.

Share and spread the word to the world for the good of all : )

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