Make (or convert) pictures & videos in 3D, give 3D effect for free

They say that the human life exists in three dimensional space (height, depth and width) but many learned guys holds the idea about an another dimension which is 'TIME'?

free convert your videos and photos into 3D
Surely the morphing, animation, 3D and Augmented Reality technologies and apps are changing the human lives, rapidly! 

... anyways our focus right now is on, how to convert your photos and videos for free in 3D? Here I got a cool website 3DTV, this site is really cool as I had seen many videos there which have a real 3D effect, this is addictive!

They say their 3D technology is soon coming for cell phones when you can directly watch or upload your 2D videos or snaps to get them converted into 3D for free and also can use and share on internet like Facebook, Twitter and social sites etc,

The real fun begins here when 2D life gets a 3D edge, for free and without knowing any technical skill, this website is good for non-techies, so no regret if you are just an internet addict or user and not a skilled webmaster or so,

I am so excited to share this lovely, innocent and cute kids' 3D video with you, which went viral (425 million+ views till now) on You Tube a few weeks back, it is famous as or known as Charlie bit my finger - again, where younger brother shifts all of his available energies in trying to cut the finger of his elder brother, nice 3D video Charlie's finger! I love kids, they are pious, innocent and the living Gods to me : )

What you will need to watch the videos and photos in 3D?

Just a PC (soon it is also coming on cell phone screen and tablets like iPad, Android too), internet connection and a standard glass (blue and red) OR to watch the 3D books, films or such or an anaglyph glasses, 3D enabled devices like 3D TV, monitor or a handheld device etc.

Want to chat in a virtual 3D world of imagination: 

Are you interested in watching a virtual cat walk in a fashion place in 3D on your digital screens? If yes, watch it here, hold your breath, 3D specs and heart, 3D beauties are spread all around here like honey bees ...

Are you a nature lover? than see how this fresh spread of snow in an avalanche or snowfall is trying to wrap the Earth, the trees to paint it in all white, a nice 3D nature's video here:

Want to visit Manhatten, New York, USA always, now take a virtual 3D walk in Time Square with us:

There are thousands of 3D mind blowing videos and pictures there waiting for you, just go watch and convert yours from 2D to 3D and share with the world at large, show your skills and talents in a meaningful 3D community to the world, for what you are waiting guys! Come on ... imagine a second life and join the 3D world of fantasy and creativity.

If you liked this post / blog, pl share with yours using social networks like Google+, +1, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble, etc and email to yours and bookmark for a future reference, discuss this on telecom and other neat social forums, we are coming daily with more and better such internet resources! Thank you!

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