How to converge all-different-wireless-devices into a SINGLE bouquet?

Let your all-different wireless devices (viz. WIFI, 3G, TV waves / signals etc) works and tune-in ... or converge-into any or all of your electronic digital gadgets, but how to? 
Phi: Next generation wireless router
Phi Wireless ...
... Like if you want to watch your favorite HD-TV programme on your Apple iPad, iPhone or laptop-PC, so you can watch it for free by re-routing your TV signals to your laptop or iPad tablet ...

... Like you want to take you phone calls on your laptop, or may be your phone reception is too noisy than you can re-route your 3G network's phone calls to your wireless land line phone too ...

But how to?  Your TV works on TV signals/waves; cell phone works over WIFI, 2G or 3G/4G/LTE etc., and all are the different type of airwaves or signals???

How to converge all-different-wireless-gadgets and let all of your gadgets 'talk' or tune-in, into a resonance with each other, even they use different wireless wavelength or frequency waves?

... how to converge all different type of wireless signals into one & same type, great question and here comes The PHI, a wonderful piece of hardware which converts all of the gadgets, even they use different wireless signals, like radio waves, TV signals, WIFI, or such wireless networks, PHI lets them tune-in INTO ONE and only one single wireless range so that they can get into, in a resonance and can optimize with each other,

... so using Phi one can watch TV programmes easily on his PC, or take a phone call on tablet or laptop, this is really mind blowing technology for a layman and apps developer too equally,

What is Phi from Per-Vices?

Simply we can say Phi is a 'AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER' (a hardware) for you premises, home or office etc., it can control, merge or re-route any type of wireless signals into one & same type of signal that will work on all of your gadgets and it will never matter that these gadgets are made to receive which or what type of frequency signals or waves!

How Phi is good for wireless based App developers?

Phi is a piece of magic, a hardware 'card', which controls, re-routes and blends any or all type or radio signals / frequencies or air waves into one & only one type of single wavelength signal which works on all of your hardware or gadgets, thus the developers or designers of the wireless apps can use this hardware to write a software which can work on futuristic gadgets, irrespective of the signal it is going to use than : ) 

-Phi free your wireless and air waves, and let the different devices or gadgets interact with each other. 

-It captures the airwaves so you can watch your cable TV on any electronic video device for free.

-Phi can also act as a BASE STATION so you can make unlimited free phone calls via your cell phone-s,

-Phi is he best example of disruptive wireless communication devices of our times!

FYI: Phi (Per Vices) features on Y Combinators list too. 


Phis comes for a hefty $750, which may go thinner by the time or an increasing demand, Best wishes Per vices (Phi).


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