Get Viber for Blackberry and Windows Phone 7

Finally the VERY popular mobile VoIP-HD-calling app, the Viber is all set and ready to take the telephony world to be downloaded on your Blackberry and Windows phone 7 smart mobiles, this is official,
Viber for Blackberry, Windows Phone 7
Viber VoIP app for cell phones

People all around the world (200+ countries) were waiting eagerly or in fact they have made pressure on Viber team to release the app early for the above mobiles and operating systems viz: Blackberry and WP7, in fact Viber is already available for Android and Apple iOS and is very popular among its users worldwide,

FYI: Viber is also very popular in UAE, Dubai etc and was working from there too, but in Dubai it was got banned by the pressures of local telecom operators in fear of sliding revenues to their traditional telephony in front of new age disruptive telephony, so the people there feel pathetic as they are unalble to make free Viber international calls, sms or photo sharing etc.

Viber is really too good to use and what to say of its excellent customer care which is more than eager 24 x 7 to help you always on their toes : ) Keep it up viber guys!

But sad .... there is right now NO FREE CALLS or free lunch is available for both of the VoIP beta versions for Blackberry and WP7 users, but they can use free texting and photo, location sharing on the go for sure for now,

Viber says as they were under pressure for an early release of their software app for RIM and Windows phones so its beta will NOT include the voice free calling feature until they meet their quality standards,

They say that Viber to Viber calls on 3G and WIFI will always be free on all and any mobile OS and it (signature HD calling) will come soon to Blackberry and Windows phones soon, nothing to worry, or envy : )

To conclude:

The Viber mobile VoIP app is available for Blackberry (OS 5 and above) and Windows phone 7 ...

These 2 mobile OS platforms or smart phones soon will have the free and quality signature HD - VOIP voice (ad free) calling on the go, its a promise of Viber, who means their words and know well, what are they in and what they are doing : ) well done Viber, proud of you ...



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