Get Paid for sharing video ads on Facebook, Twitter & Blog

Share videos and earn money, no fine prints, they are honest

It seems that the innovation and cutting edge web technologies have no dearth. You really can earn handsome honest money to pay your bills or may be a full time funds just using Affiliate commission income, Google Adsense PPC ads etc.

There is a new concept in web advertising that share the cool viral web videos on your Facebook, Twitter, other social networks or embed them on your website or blog and when a visitor watches them, you get money as PAY PER VIEW (PPV) revenue model,

The advertiser gets a viral exposure of his video value thus ROI and the publisher gets the cool passive income, while sitting on a sofa or sleeping on the bed : )  
Wingsplay - Make money, with Facebook, Twitter and your blog!
If you wish to join you may join this programme clicking above banner for free and when approved (approval may take a while, so do not forgot when approved, that you have signed for what) just choose the videos, get them shared on your FB, Twitter, social networks, website or blog and get funds in your Paypal,

Earn money by sharing videos on FB, Twitter, Website, Blog
Share videos on FB, Twitter, earn online funds
This is a real programme and not nuts, and when you will reach minimum $50 in a regular income (or $40 in the affiliate income) than you can cash them using your Paypal to your bank account or a paper check as you like, they are a nice company and could be relied, Mashable to covered about them,

Internet has the power of viral marketing, things may get popular here within seconds and unpopular too, thus this smart has taken full throttle advantage of this amazing viral technology and giving people a chance to earn money too while enjoying the online social connectivity with their contacts,

For example I had just shared a HTC video in which guys are parachuting, a nice video I had shared it on my Twitter and Facebook, and each video view from US pays me US Cents 21, not bad …

Get Referral income to spread the world, but do not spam

Yes, I forgot, not only pay per view on videos but you can earn a descent referral income too here, just share this with yours and if they sign up using your referral link you also get 10% of their total earnings for the first 4 months.  

So sign up here for free and get set go, the social world is waiting to produce some online lucrative money for you : )
Wingsplay - Make money, with Facebook, Twitter and your blog!

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