Free VoIP call & In-call broadcast of videos, photos, location, contact & data, in real-time: Sidecar app for android; iOS

How to make free VoIP calling in the US, Canada and also to worldwide with real-time, live videos, photos, location, content, and media sharing during a live phone call?

Here is rather a magical or an unbelievable app for your smart iOS and Android phones and devices. 

San Francisco based Sidecar free app can turn your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or smart Android phones or tablets really into a magical digital slate or into the magical cell phones, why and how? 

Well, you can stream a broadcast of your videos, snaps, pictures, contacts, presence, your location and any other such data on mobile or tablets PCs in real-time, and on the go, and all this while conversing on a phone call, in the same and real time, time zones do not matter or distance is not a bar here!
Sidecar app to share videos, photos, location, contacts, free call in real time
Sidecar app for smart mobiles

What it means, it simply means what you are watching, the person on the other end is also watching the same video or photos or your location or may be sharing the very data, while you both are connected on a phone call, no time lags here, just the REAL-TIME data, photo, location and video sharing.

Links for downloading apps on iOS or Android:

Download sidecar app for iOS

Download sidecar app for Android

Sidecar communication app features:

-Easy, fast and free multitasking on smart cell phones and tablets in real-time, with free unlimited WiFi calling to whole of the world including to US, Canada,

- Make a call and in real-time share whole bunch of the media with the person on the other end of the phone call, like share video, pictures, location, contacts or data ... let them see what you see in the same or real-time ... it lets 'see what I see' videos and media or locations all while on a call, 

- The phone calls over WIFI (only), are free in USA, Canada to any regular phone number and they are even free to any non-sidecar app users too, thus smart calling on iOS and Android on the go is all for free and with free data, media or content sharing facility, all in the real-time during a live phone call,

- App to app VoIP calling over WIFI is free to all over the world, and not limited to US, Canada alone, remember, the key word here is app to app free worldwide VoIP or WIFI calling,

- While on a call, when you lift the cell phone from your ear to watch the video, media or content, the smart cell phone automatically hogs on your speaker phone just to avoid any unwanted breaks in the ongoing conversation,

- Send a whisper feature: You can share and send a secret or a private text message to the other app user while on the call, and the communication or conversation will never be braked, when the calling quality is poor or due to a noise, it is difficult to hear the talk,

- You can even use the Sidecar app in conjunction with your Google Voice number on Apple iPad or iPod Touch,

- Definitely with this innovative app, a cell phone is not only for talking it is rather a device for other than talking, if you want to make a phone call only than better use a cell phone with out smart features!

- For any bugs or problems, you may please contact the technical team of the sidecar app.

- ‘See what I see' could be the patented trade mark for the app makers (Socialeyes Inc.), they have already applied for:

This app seems to breaking all of the existing things on wireless and apps innovations; it has a free US, Canada calling, the free calling on WIFI is even can be made to non-app users in US-Canada, and the above real time content and media sharing, it seems this app is all set or poised to swept away all of the world on the little digital screens of the smart cell phones & tablets PCs.


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