Call for free to Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Venezuela or the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a beautiful and tropical nation situated in the north coast of South America, It borders Colombia, Guyana and Brazil,

Why Venezuela is famous for? Yes it is famous for her beauty and the most beautiful women in the world and in the most recent past we can see many or at least 5 Miss World or Miss Universe crown in a row hails from this Bolivarian Republic country,

If you want to call anybody or any Miss Universe in Venezuela than you can make an unlimited free phone calls there (to land lines) from anywhere in the world, without paying any thing, this week using Local phone (a UK company for VoIP and cheap international calls) using your cell phone, PC or even old landline!

Free calls to Venezuela until 11th May

The procedure is simple and your Grand Pa also can use it there is NO need of internet connection, GPRS or 3G if you are using Localphone's local number calling,

Just watch this YouTube video below and go through this free calling promo, if you like, subscribe, try this and spread the words, thank you.

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No setup fees when you buy an Incoming Number until 31 May with Localphone

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