An app which makes your phone address book more intelligent

Call App: A smart application to convert your phone's address book into a more smarter and reliable phone contact book i.e. into a Universal social contact book on the Go!

Israel seems to be a nation of VoIP and apps innovation,, Viber,, FW call etc. and more such mobile VoIP apps hail from Israel and each one of them is unique and unbeatable ...

Isreal again, an app known as CallApp is using a smart mobile technology that it can bring almost all of the online social contacts in your web menu to your smart phone's contact book, to be used on the Go! 

So what this Callapp do? Watch the above YouTube video, sometimes somebody calls your Android or iPhone and you can not recognize the anonymous caller as he is NOT listed in your contact book, 

... so you may either reject that call or will miss it, the caller will think either you are busy or rude to him : ) than what, so here comes this app which will over ride your phone contact book and make it even more smarter so you can recognize the callers from your online social circles too like from Facebook, Twitter, Skype,

... the app will connect all of your social web contacts to your phone address book and also will fetch details of each of them from your social circles, so you may feel comfortable for his call and know them better before picking his call ... so your contact book will become now, universal social contact book on your smart cell phone now.

You can even see the information of your caller (it's a super caller ID which displays social contacts info from web) who is NOT in your contact book, before picking his call, as of this app, as this app will fetch all of the info of that person, in real-time, from online social networks to your phone's contact book ... this is a marvelous example of disruptive telephony of our times! You do not have to go to track or locate the social caller now, it is on your very mobile phone's book : )

This call app is NOT limited to phone calls only but can be used for businesses etc. too, it can show Google street views, Yelp reviews, etc.

Get call app for Android here ; for iOs it is in the pipeline,
App for making phone book more social and smarter to track calls from social contacts
Call App
And yes, with this app one can make free VoIP calls to anybody who also have a VoIP app. This app itself will alert you when/if the other party has a VoIP app installed on his smart cell phone or tablet PC.

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