Make free international phone calls from LocalPhone

LocalPhone from UK are the guys who are giving away no fine prints phone calls to any body in the world, they are focused on the things what they need to do so, and even do not care for their revenues, that by giving away the free calls, what will happen of them : ) kidding ...

Well, this time Local phone has a big and very cool hamper of making free calls to these countries for full 4 days:

Antigua & Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, United Kingdom.

4 days of free calls to 16 countries

You know they all are the Commonwealth Realm nations and to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this weekend the LP has this offer for making free calls to any or all of these nations for unlimited talk time (one hour per day per customer).

- No Fine prints,

- Cool call quality,

- Try 5 minute call to anywhere in the world, anytime, apart of the above free calling promo,

- Make call from local numbers, WIFI, 3G, 4G, PC, cell phone or land lines etc,

- After promo ends, get started only with minimum $1 (call credit in your account has no expiry or time validity, so it will remain until you consume it),

- No contracts, no service charges, no connection fees, local numbers to make cheap overseas calls and they are NOT the premium rate numbers,
Free international calling
Call for free anywhere in the world: Localphone

free calls, jubilee, international calls


Check out the normal rates with offer rates (=free) to call many of these countries, in the below graphic,

Like a normal calling to Solomon island costs hefty 85 US Cents a minute, which is being offered for free to all of us, and this 85 US Cents is even one of the cheapest rates in the world by LP, just compare these rates with Skype, Rebtel, Fring or any other telephony provider you love or know ...

A call to Tuvalu is normally 50 cents a minute, Papua New Guinea is for 49.9 cents a minute and they are all for free now for 4 days, so keep talking, cool talking, nothing to haste, nothing to waste : ) cheers!!!

Spread the word to the world, Facebook us, Tweet us, bookmark and subscribe, blog us, discuss on telecom or travel forums just get social and broadcast this to all for the benefit of all, hurry!
Make free international calls to Commonwealth Realm
Compare Rates, they are free for now!

Free VoIP call & In-call broadcast of videos, photos, location, contact & data, in real-time: Sidecar app for android; iOS

How to make free VoIP calling in the US, Canada and also to worldwide with real-time, live videos, photos, location, content, and media sharing during a live phone call?

Here is rather a magical or an unbelievable app for your smart iOS and Android phones and devices. 

San Francisco based Sidecar free app can turn your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or smart Android phones or tablets really into a magical digital slate or into the magical cell phones, why and how? 

Well, you can stream a broadcast of your videos, snaps, pictures, contacts, presence, your location and any other such data on mobile or tablets PCs in real-time, and on the go, and all this while conversing on a phone call, in the same and real time, time zones do not matter or distance is not a bar here!
Sidecar app to share videos, photos, location, contacts, free call in real time
Sidecar app for smart mobiles

What it means, it simply means what you are watching, the person on the other end is also watching the same video or photos or your location or may be sharing the very data, while you both are connected on a phone call, no time lags here, just the REAL-TIME data, photo, location and video sharing.

Links for downloading apps on iOS or Android:

Download sidecar app for iOS

Download sidecar app for Android

Sidecar communication app features:

-Easy, fast and free multitasking on smart cell phones and tablets in real-time, with free unlimited WiFi calling to whole of the world including to US, Canada,

- Make a call and in real-time share whole bunch of the media with the person on the other end of the phone call, like share video, pictures, location, contacts or data ... let them see what you see in the same or real-time ... it lets 'see what I see' videos and media or locations all while on a call, 

- The phone calls over WIFI (only), are free in USA, Canada to any regular phone number and they are even free to any non-sidecar app users too, thus smart calling on iOS and Android on the go is all for free and with free data, media or content sharing facility, all in the real-time during a live phone call,

- App to app VoIP calling over WIFI is free to all over the world, and not limited to US, Canada alone, remember, the key word here is app to app free worldwide VoIP or WIFI calling,

- While on a call, when you lift the cell phone from your ear to watch the video, media or content, the smart cell phone automatically hogs on your speaker phone just to avoid any unwanted breaks in the ongoing conversation,

- Send a whisper feature: You can share and send a secret or a private text message to the other app user while on the call, and the communication or conversation will never be braked, when the calling quality is poor or due to a noise, it is difficult to hear the talk,

- You can even use the Sidecar app in conjunction with your Google Voice number on Apple iPad or iPod Touch,

- Definitely with this innovative app, a cell phone is not only for talking it is rather a device for other than talking, if you want to make a phone call only than better use a cell phone with out smart features!

- For any bugs or problems, you may please contact the technical team of the sidecar app.

- ‘See what I see' could be the patented trade mark for the app makers (Socialeyes Inc.), they have already applied for:

This app seems to breaking all of the existing things on wireless and apps innovations; it has a free US, Canada calling, the free calling on WIFI is even can be made to non-app users in US-Canada, and the above real time content and media sharing, it seems this app is all set or poised to swept away all of the world on the little digital screens of the smart cell phones & tablets PCs.


Non-verbal digital communication in real-time: Feel Me app

There is an emotional smart phone texting app (in fact it is about to come) for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc.) based devices which can be said to initiate a non-verbal and digital communication in the real-time with a human touch and feel, it is Feel Me app!

Verbal and Non-verbal communication

Well, the communication could be of several ways and type, from verbal to non-verbal. We know  and use verbal communication in our daily lives very well, and also the non-verbal one like saying something by expressions, smile or touch or by way of hands gesture etc, these all and such more genre could be grouped into a non-verbal way of human communication!
Emotional iPhone texting app: Feel Me
Feel Me app for non-verbal communication

The app makers describes their Feel Me app as, "a sweet playful connection with the person on the other side", as it helps you initiating a direct live connection.

About the app:

Well, there are thousand of millions of app to make video calling, calling, IM, chatting, SMS or other type of verbal communication using smart cell phones, they all use traditional ways of connecting people,

But Feel Me is a bit different type of an app to make smart and sentiments soaked non-verbal communication which could be felt and touched by the person on the other end with whom this communication is in the progress, in the very real-time! reveals about this app in more details, that this app adds a new dimension to the text messaging, like you can see (in real-time) a tiny red dot like above picture, this dot show: where on the screen the other person's finger is currently pressing ... that's it, you can feel the real human touch, you can have sentiments to pour, you may be happy or sad, this is why we say the app as an emotional app for cell phones' communications, just feel the presence of your loved one on the other side of mobile devices!

... Actually, when the two persons, in the real-time, touch the same red dots, a tiny 'reaction' type thing happens like a vibration or a sound resonance (this is a proof that both the persons on two ends are doing things in the same time), may be, it makes your non-verbal communication, in fact more verbal, words only are NOT the good option for a verbal interaction but the feelings hidden in the words are important too : )

No app, no cell phone, no digital connection or such could ever replace a face-to-face real human interaction, but in the era where the physical distances matters (though they never should matter in the age of internet) and the time is short, these such innovative communicating apps and devices can make a man happy, even for a while, am I right? 


TinyTap App - Tag your voice in photos and play with toddlers!

A new app for the parents and their tiny tots, the TINYTAP app is a cute one, you can use this interactive digital gaming application on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and can play with your own voice which can be tagged or recorded or attached within photos,

TinyTap app to play with kids, add your voice to photos
TinyTap app is a fun
Children are always charming, fascinating and an inspiration for me, really they are the Father of the Man!

Days never comes again which we had enjoyed in our childhood, only the memory remains with NO time on being a parent and such; a child gives the meaning to our lives and fills the voids, if we have any : )

Well, TinyTap app is specially designed and carved for Apple iPad, with its stunning graphics, on a retina display, this could be one of the best play mate for a cute little innocent kid, who even do not know what is an iPad and how apps works over it, he will only smile, cry or do such things, record his and your own voice on the photos, to play later with your toddler, he will recognize your photo and voice and this would make you happy for the sure : )

Turn& freeze the moments into playful and educational gaming arena with children, this is the real joy man, where are you trying to find that joy or peace, this is only in your home and just a kids' play!

The app is based on the smart ability of a toddler to recognize the known faces and the voice : )

Start playing, create new interactive and personalized games or a textbook from your photos, record a voice, ask a question, give a hint, all things in a familiar voice and photo will make happy to your kid and than watch the activities of your smart kid, what he do and how, there are some cool soundtracks too to make your interactive iPad games more personalized one!

For the most creative parent (illustrator, author, educator or have a wild imagination), if you have created a cool game, picture text, textbook etc than even you can sell it on their website to earn a fame, name, creative satisfaction and galore, you may contact them at [email protected]

Most recommended for ages 2+

It is coming for Android too very soon,

Make Free calls to Greece now

Local Phone's free worldwide calling is back again

It is LocalPhone free calling promo for a week again, with nothing to buy, no fine prints as usual,

Use Localphone to make free phone calls to Greece land lines for a week starting May 25, 2012 till June 1, 2012

Free calls to Greece until 1 June + Free trial calls to any country in the world for 5 minutes included,

... Not only Greece, just try free for 5 minutes to call anywhere in the world using your ANY cell phone, old or new, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android with Apps or even land line or PC everything works here,

Salient Features:

-No fine prints,

-Nothing to buy, test it for free, even no credit card is needed,

-Nice call quality,

-After free promo if you like you can start with buying only minimum $1 credit in your account balance, which will never expire with the time validity,

-Call rates are one of the cheapest in the world, compare with Skype or

-No contracts, nothing to pay each week or month or year,

-No connection charges, no service charges,

-Nice customer care,

-Money back guarantee, what you need more : )

free calls to greece, free international calling

So make a free trial call to anywhere first, than make 1 week free calls to Greece land line phones or just start with buying only $1 credit or more as you wish, or may be refer some friends and get some free credits to make free or low cost international or local calls.

Share and spread the word to the world for the good of all : )

Get unlimited Jail calls for $17 a month, from anywhere in the world

This is unfortunate when somebody lands in a Jail (either Federal, State or County). This is equally unfortunate for the family and friends of the person landing in prison. But what can be done,

The persona in a jail needs lots of moral support from family and friends and seeks a regular telephonic communication at least on a very frequent basis, this emphasize him being with his family and not behind the bars,

Cheap and unlimited Jail calling
Cheap Jail Calling
Communication is always has been vital and when a person is alone it seems to be the only way to connect with this nasty world, but phone calls are expensive than what?

Well, Cold Crib communication provides a good alternative to make cheap and unlimited calls to Jail inmates, they say that by paying $17 a month (for minimum for 3 months) one can call jail unlimited with by-passing the long distance charges, as they give a local number, almost anywhere in the world, to connect with the prison inmate, thus all phone calls will be local for the person in jail, inmates! They will save money at least on the jail calls ...

They can be said a cool international jail phone providers!

Use Local Phone (option 2) from anywhere in the world using cell, land line or PC:

Another equally good and local phone calling service can be used is from LocalPhone calls provider, they also provides you a local phone number to call anywhere in the world (almost) with cheapest calling rates in the world (almost), just start with a credit of $1 in (with no expiry ever) your account, calls to USA are 0.5 cents a minute + local call (which can be free in your bundled minutes), no connection charges, no hidden charges, no service charges, money back guarantee, no contracts, nothing to pay every month, good call quality, get sign up and start instantly, nothing to wait, excellent service 

Try free 5 minutes international callsand get connected (best, easy, honest and recommended):

Cheap international calls with Localphone

Use FW Calls from UK (option 3 for UK based persons):

The persons living in UK have one more option to make overseas or local calling, all on a local rates call, use FW call, they convert any international phone number from approximately more than 60 countries, into a local +44 UK phone number, using it when you make a call to that UK number, it terminates in the desired country, your call is charged as local or may be free as a local bundled minutes like if you are on O2, Orange etc,

These all the above phone services can be used on an unlimited calling basis which provides you a local phone number to make anywhere phone calls on a local call charges.

Get Pandora Internet Radio for Cell Phones on the Go

What is in the Pandora Music Box?

Everyone loves listening melodious music. Music…the word itself has a feel of a mystic rhythm. Today, the younger generation likes hearing various songs. There are different modes through which you can hear your favorite songs. Like from the Radio, through Internet and many more.

Hey…you can now listen to all your favorite songs on your Androids, iPhone and iPad too! Oh, really?

Yes…Pandora Internet Radio is one of the best music applications that allow you to listen to all your favorite songs on your Androids, iPhone and iPad. Wonderful!

The beginning of the new era for the radio services has come into existence which is personalized and free.

Pandora for iOS
Pandora for mobile music on the Go
The Pandora radio is now ready to stream music on your Android phones. Great… you can now enjoy the music wherever you are!

How does the Music Radio app works on mobile phones?

Well, Pandora Radio permits its users to listen all types of songs on the mobile. You just have to enter the name of the song or the artists or the classical composers and the Pandora itself automatically creates a station that plays the needed music and more music like that. Wow that’s so nice!

Yes…after dropping the song name, Pandora quickly scans through its entire world of analyzed music, the new and the old songs to see what exactly matches your choice. You can now enjoy as it creates a listening experience which is full of melody.

You can create 100 such stations of music and even refine them by adding more and more songs that you love to listen.

Unwind yourself in the world of music with Pandora Internet radio on your cell phones wherever you are!

Pandora for Android

Pandora for iOS

An app which makes your phone address book more intelligent

Call App: A smart application to convert your phone's address book into a more smarter and reliable phone contact book i.e. into a Universal social contact book on the Go!

Israel seems to be a nation of VoIP and apps innovation,, Viber,, FW call etc. and more such mobile VoIP apps hail from Israel and each one of them is unique and unbeatable ...

Isreal again, an app known as CallApp is using a smart mobile technology that it can bring almost all of the online social contacts in your web menu to your smart phone's contact book, to be used on the Go! 

So what this Callapp do? Watch the above YouTube video, sometimes somebody calls your Android or iPhone and you can not recognize the anonymous caller as he is NOT listed in your contact book, 

... so you may either reject that call or will miss it, the caller will think either you are busy or rude to him : ) than what, so here comes this app which will over ride your phone contact book and make it even more smarter so you can recognize the callers from your online social circles too like from Facebook, Twitter, Skype,

... the app will connect all of your social web contacts to your phone address book and also will fetch details of each of them from your social circles, so you may feel comfortable for his call and know them better before picking his call ... so your contact book will become now, universal social contact book on your smart cell phone now.

You can even see the information of your caller (it's a super caller ID which displays social contacts info from web) who is NOT in your contact book, before picking his call, as of this app, as this app will fetch all of the info of that person, in real-time, from online social networks to your phone's contact book ... this is a marvelous example of disruptive telephony of our times! You do not have to go to track or locate the social caller now, it is on your very mobile phone's book : )

This call app is NOT limited to phone calls only but can be used for businesses etc. too, it can show Google street views, Yelp reviews, etc.

Get call app for Android here ; for iOs it is in the pipeline,
App for making phone book more social and smarter to track calls from social contacts
Call App
And yes, with this app one can make free VoIP calls to anybody who also have a VoIP app. This app itself will alert you when/if the other party has a VoIP app installed on his smart cell phone or tablet PC.

May be of interest:


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Tell others too, post it on FB, Twitter etc. : )

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How to connect fast with customer care; by-passing the ‘wait on hold’?

Fast Telephone Call Concierge Service

Have you ever experienced these words while making an urgent call to any companies’ customer care: ‘please hold, your call is important to us, all of our representatives are busy at the moment with other clients, we will take your call shortly …’ 

... This could be pathetic and can bring anxiety if not anger to any one who really need the solution fast from his customer care at that moment, but nothing is in the hands of a man, it seems, 

Many times it could be a real emergency but this prompt could kill the things, can you realize, how frustrating it could be than?! 

Do not worry, you are not alone in the age of communication and not only the communication but a meaningful and a fast communication, 

Here is the way to connect fast with the customer care you desired without on a hold or a wait, no boring or time wasting prompts to here like, please wait your call is on the hold… has the solution for this, they help you by connecting you rather fast with your desired customer care numbers, they have a data bank of 3000+ companies, whose customer care could be reached fast using call Concierge Services,

Call to Call 855-DON’T-HOLD (855-366-8455) and let them know, which company you need to call, their agent will connect you with the desired company on a fast mode, and will reduce your call waiting significantly,
Fast connect to customer care on phone
Do not hold or wait for customer care now

Modus Oprendi

1.Select a company you want to connect with (even feel free to choose a department such as "Billing" or such, they connect fast even by CUTTING the long calling phone tree or any of its branches),

2. Now click on "Have Someone Call Me",

3. Now sit and relax, do not wait, never hold the call, the next available agent will himself ring your phone (call-back you).

4.Customer care will never suck you again!

You can even use their free apps for iOs, Android, Chrome and Kindle Fire to make the things easy and faster for you, 

How to get a fast call from customer care, without a hold or wait?
Don't wait, Customer care will call back you
They have many big names of companies in their existing data base like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Apple and not only phone companies or telcos but also the companies from any or each and every field is there like Citi Bank, Bank of America, United Airlines, Direct TV etc. Just make a search to their directory by using the search facility there.

There exists a world without hold, where there is no more SOS, so relax and enjoy the life, NOT on the hold : )

Currently the service works in US / Canada only and they say more countries are coming soon … so wait again and be on hold now : ) 

Right said: "Man is born free but but, everywhere he is in the chains".

Get Paid for sharing video ads on Facebook, Twitter & Blog

Share videos and earn money, no fine prints, they are honest

It seems that the innovation and cutting edge web technologies have no dearth. You really can earn handsome honest money to pay your bills or may be a full time funds just using Affiliate commission income, Google Adsense PPC ads etc.

There is a new concept in web advertising that share the cool viral web videos on your Facebook, Twitter, other social networks or embed them on your website or blog and when a visitor watches them, you get money as PAY PER VIEW (PPV) revenue model,

The advertiser gets a viral exposure of his video value thus ROI and the publisher gets the cool passive income, while sitting on a sofa or sleeping on the bed : )  
Wingsplay - Make money, with Facebook, Twitter and your blog!
If you wish to join you may join this programme clicking above banner for free and when approved (approval may take a while, so do not forgot when approved, that you have signed for what) just choose the videos, get them shared on your FB, Twitter, social networks, website or blog and get funds in your Paypal,

Earn money by sharing videos on FB, Twitter, Website, Blog
Share videos on FB, Twitter, earn online funds
This is a real programme and not nuts, and when you will reach minimum $50 in a regular income (or $40 in the affiliate income) than you can cash them using your Paypal to your bank account or a paper check as you like, they are a nice company and could be relied, Mashable to covered about them,

Internet has the power of viral marketing, things may get popular here within seconds and unpopular too, thus this smart has taken full throttle advantage of this amazing viral technology and giving people a chance to earn money too while enjoying the online social connectivity with their contacts,

For example I had just shared a HTC video in which guys are parachuting, a nice video I had shared it on my Twitter and Facebook, and each video view from US pays me US Cents 21, not bad …

Get Referral income to spread the world, but do not spam

Yes, I forgot, not only pay per view on videos but you can earn a descent referral income too here, just share this with yours and if they sign up using your referral link you also get 10% of their total earnings for the first 4 months.  

So sign up here for free and get set go, the social world is waiting to produce some online lucrative money for you : )
Wingsplay - Make money, with Facebook, Twitter and your blog!

Cheapest rate phone calls to Ghana

If you call Ghana frequently or may be occasionally than here is the good news for you, you can save money on hefty expensive calls to Ghana,

For a whole week, Local phone from UK is offering cheapest voice phone calling to Ghana for only 11.2 US Cents a minute, free trial for 5 minutes,

Compare the rates of Localphone with or or wherever you may like and the winner is always the Localphone with its excellent call quality, rates and services: and this is NOT only Ghana, even you can try it free now for 5 minutes to make a free call to any country in the world:

Localphone's unique & exclusive features:

-No fine prints,

-No contracts,

-No PINs,

-Call from cell phone, PC, web, iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod Touch, Tablets or even from an old land line

-It is a cheap rate calling promo,

-Money back guarantee,

-Excellent call quality,

-After free calling promo ends, just recharge your account only with minimum $1, and call the world, cheapest calling rates, credit never expires in your account, call anytime, anywhere

-It is pay as you go, (PAYG), no hidden charges ever,

-No service charges,

-what you read, what you pay,

-You can try 5 free international minutes now from your any phone or PC than go and buy $1 credit in your account if you like the call quality and ease of access

call Ghana for cheapest rates
Cheapest rates phone calls to Ghana
Get 10% extra instant bonus credit if you will sign up here, on your very first credit purchase:

Qwips: stream your voice on the silent, boring web; give it a life

Qwips for voice tagging to any app or web site, a social voice for web!

I think that the world might how much be over crowded or having a cut throat competition for any new things ideas or any new beginnings, but this amazing and magical world of internet is always and will be always open for any new innovations.

… like if you have some unique idea, product, concept, services or app etc. to offer than you too could rule with the other co-rulers of the world wide web and there are no dearth of seats here, no limitations, anyone can be a ‘ruler’ here in the clear terms of the web traffic,

… and few of the best examples of our recent times are ANGRY BIRD gaming app and the FACEBOOK revolution, which has just begun and had clean swept the virtual world (in almost very short time) and even the BIG BOSS the Google seems to be ‘terrified’ and is falling behind the eccentric & viral Facebook addiction,

What is Qwips?
Qwips is such a unique voice tagging concept which can add sound to the ‘dumb’ internet instantly, this is a simple concept which adds the VOICE capability to any web page, website, blog or such web properties,

Qwips for voice tagging to any app, facebook or website
Add voice to silent internet or any apps
How to Qwips? is a social voice messaging or communication platform, … you know the Twitter, it permits up to 140 words limited text blogging or micro-blogging or we can say it as the SMS of internet,

Something like this, the Qwips records your voice messages up to 30 seconds (voice captions), it is free and record your messages on,

Just record your real voice on an internet app, voice tagging photos, video narration, emails, email voice signatures, voice emoticons to any text messages, word press blogs, Instagram for voice, Twitter or Facebook account, or any social online network or web applications,

Qwips creates the social communication with a personal touch and full of human sentiments, so the listener of the messages get thrilled and excited as he is listening you face-to-face on a live phone call,

You can even use the Apple iOS app to record your voice and add it to the World Wide Web, emails, photos or any apps,


Smart life saving apps for smart drivers on the road with smart phones

Smart phone and tablet's FREE apps for making your driving trouble free and safe

At many times and on many moments, life seems to be risky and seems to be frisking out of our control, roads are becoming danger zones and not safe for even one of our careless mistake,

The best golden rules for a safe driving may be:

- 'Think others blind & insane' so keep proper distance and speed, i.e. you should take the full responsibility on your own when driving on the road, never expect that the other people will not hit you : )

- Be rational and in senses, road never gives second chances in our lives, so be extra vigilant, not coward : )

- Keep the vehicle in proper condition, machines can also fail anytime like human so better get a grip & check on them, than leave your worries on the Gods, sometimes the things can never be avoided, despite the best precautions ...

- If you are tech savvy than better take the advantage of some essential and useful gadgets and apps, mushrooming now-a-days to help you and make driving easy for you,

Use iOnRoad app for safe car driving on the roads from Israel!

Drive car safely, smart driving app: ionroad
Life is precious, do not throw it on roads, use senses and technology!
This app is a perfect blend of GPS fitted with augmented reality and is very easy and handy to use, ionroad app is available for Android system and you have to wait a bit for your iOS or iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it is on the way ...

- Get iOnRoad, the Android driving app with GPS & augmented reality here,

- -Wait a bit for this app on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, its coming ...

- This magical app uses the camera to prevent and alert you from any collisions,

- The app warns you when you departure your lane,

- It reads away your incoming text messages too and you can listen music while working this app, can make phone calls as usual etc.

- The road app can check and measure the speed of the vehicle and will alert or warn you when your speed increase that you are going to collide with the car or truck ahead of you, so get control on your throttle (forward collision advance warning),

- The app keep in its memory about the parking position of your vehicle with the help of the GPS, it can let you know when the car was parked and it snapshots the parking lot, where you have parked your vehicle, so nothing to hassle in a large parking lot or in a mall,

- The road driving app: ionroad dramatically improve your driving experience on any road in the REAL-TIME, as it uses smart phones' or tablet's GPS functionality, native camera and propels the augmented reality to get you best desired results on the road, their visual radar maps van pin-point the objects ahead of you in real-time algorithm for image recognition and tracking just by knowing your current speed, so you can make a 'BRAKE'!

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Well, you can also share your driving on the road experience with your social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, just share and compare who is the best driver in the world : ) Be the Road King!

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