Who Needs Free UK (DID) Numbers?

FWCall: Free UK Phone Number

Claim your free +44 free UK phone numbers, yes they are REAL, yes they are FREE, yes anyone in the world, mostly from anywhere can claim free UK phone numbers (as many as you wish), just in 2 minutes, unbelievable but true for our blog readers!

Now you might be thinking why should I get a free UK telephone number, why I need this? Ok, than continue reading:

Get a real free UK phone number, use it and this will remain free with you forever:

- This is a free UK phone number for life (if you use it if not in use, will expire in 30 days than you have to claim another new number) that rings on your existing phone, anywhere in the world,

If you are in the UK

For UK (like London, Great Britain) based people, this is an absolute must, if you want to save your money and want to talk for long with yours living either in UK itself or anywhere in the world,

Just convert anybody's existing phone number in the world, to a UK free local phone no. and make free international calls as a local call or for free as your bundled minutes, to anywhere from UK, no credit card info needed, no fine prints, just takes 2 minutes to sign up,

Example: If you have a friend, family or any contact in USA, and you are in the UK, and you need to talk frequently with that guy-s than pick their US phone numbers, go the above link, and make convert this US phone number into a UK +44 local UK phone number, when you will dial this new local UK number your calls will be redirected to that person living in USA, thus you would have spend a local call and talked on international call ... but this all could be FREE too, if like you have an O2 or Orange plan and have free bundled minutes ... than you can make free unlimited overseas phone calls from UK ( London, Britain) to rest of the world,

- You can call from your any existing SIM, mobile phone, landline or PC on the Go, no need of internet or a computer when you are dialing from your cell phone,

- Convert as many phone numbers into UK local no.as you wish for free (strictly using only the above link) it is free for you, it works like a charm,

Good for international students to make free home calls to any country

- If your kids are studying in UK(Europe) and you resides abroad, in any other country, than ask your kids (or do yourself), convert your existing phone number to a UK no., pass it to your kids and they may call you for a local UK call or free call,

PASS THIS post TO ANYBODY, EVERYBODY FOR WHOM THIS MATTERS, post it on UK forums, telecom forums, blog it, international forums, Digg, Stumble, Facebook, Tweet, Social, Bookmark, Subscribe, email ....spread the word to the world!

If you are outside the UK

If you are out of UK, like you can be anywhere in the world, just grab a unique +44 free UK phone number for you, which will forward all of your phone calls from UK to your existing phone number anywhere in the world,

Give this UK local no. to yours living in the UK and enjoy unlimited free calls from yours in UK to you..Thus a local or free call from UK to you can hooked you guys for long with your near and dear ones to communicate ...

If going to London Olympic Games 2012 / or whenever you are in the UK

... than be sure to register/convert as many international phone numbers to UK free phone numbers and than make free unlimited or a local phone calls from London/UK to yours living anywhere in the world, it works wonder!


I tested myself the quality of calls are superb like any regular phone calls, customer care is extremely modest and more than helpful and eager to do their best, most recommended from us to our readers and their closed groups!


So why the calls are free and how? Is this a scam?

No SCAM, it is for beleivers only, just find 2 minutes, sign up for free and look, if it works wonder or not,

How the calls are local or free in these hard economic situations?

The Co. makes profit as any other mobile/fixed line network, from the interconnect fee on incoming calls, telecom people understand this, and calls are local, they can be free if you have bundled free minutes allowance like in O2, Orange etc ...

- Sad but phone currently they are NOT offering the outgoing calls from these free UK geographic phone numbers, which should also be there ...

...Do not miss our next post, which is in series of this post will explain how to end international roaming (for UK guys) using these free UK numbers ...


Never give these free UK phone number-s to any of your contacts living out of UK (abroad of UK contacts) to dial international calls to this numbers from out of the UK, or this may cost very hefty international calling charges to them, the calls are meant to be the local or free only within from UK using these free phone numbers!

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