Skype free video calling on HD-TV screen

Turn your any HDTV into a 2-way Skype TV video phone, how to?

Video calling comes on TVs
Skype Live on HD-TV

Skype is a wonderful, disruptive free VoIP calling software of our times to make free calls anywhere to anywhere, anytime in the world, it just need an internet connection or 3G or WIFI, and Skype enabled phone or Skype enabled calling devices,

Skype brings unlimited free local or long distance calling in an easy way that even your Grand Mumma too can handle this tech jugglery like ABC,

The Skype is world's largest provider of VoIP calling and has made the record for largest people online on it at the same and concurrent time,

Well, do you wish to make the free locl, long distance or overseas Skype chat on the big wide screen of a HD TV?

Tely Labs Skype video calling on TVs

Ok, than Tely Labs is the good option for you, Tely Labs provides Skype video calling platform on any television(s), and you never need a PC to make free international video call conferencing or video based tele-midicine!

Turn your HDTV (idiot box) into an intelligent two-way video communicator, instantly:

As we know that the video calling and video calling on cell phones, Apple, iPad, tablet PCs is on an increase, and they say that there are over 300 million minutes of Skype TM video calls are made on a daily basis, which is still growing, thus if you want to use Skype on your TV than TelyHD Skype video experience could be a good and useful option, to make BIG SCREEN video chat right from you garage or a living room : )

Pricing for this all in one Skype TV videophone

Tele lab device or hardware comes for $249.99 and there is no monthly fees or commitment to make the calls or video calls.

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