Rebtel ‘Keep-Talking’: Forget dropped phone calls for ever!?

Rebtel from Sweden is an established and one of the most honest name in mobile VOIP, they are second biggest in the world after Skype, the VoIP King,

free calling from Rebtel:

To make a voice call using Rebtel (mobile VoIP), you do NOT need a PC or internet etc. to make free and/or cheap overseas phone calls, by using this Swedish VOIP company one can make phone calls from ANY cell phone to any landline and mobile phone in the world, this is very comfortable, easy and cheap 

 … and yes they give free unlimited overseas calls in-between 50+ countries, termed as Rebtel countries,

Pay only for the time you talk: Six second billing after the first minute, no contract, no hidden fees. Try Rebtel for free now from any phone!

The Rebtel outgoing free or cheap calls can be made from any cell phone, smart cell phone, PC, laptop, Apple, iPad, tablets, iPod Touch etc. (over 3G, WIFI, or local phone numbers), landline phone, Blackberry, Android, Web or from where ever you wish to make such phone calls! It is just name of comfort, low cost and ease! 

Rebtel mVoIP has a unique feature, introduced with its Rebtel 2.0 version which is not an improvement to its old version but has many new features as well, like: 

Keep Talking Software to end the Dropped Calls era forever!

Rebtel’s new proprietary technology initiates the KEEP TALKING software which promises an end to the dropped calls. 

 The Keep Talking phenomenon works on the push of a button, which permits Rebtel users to make a shift or a mid calling transition over 3G/WIFI to the local minutes 

… great concept, which results: the phone call will never be dropped, if/when the WIFI reception or 3G cellular network is weak or get a sudden blow in the mid of your phone talk! 

Keep Talking will ensure that while during a phone call is in progress, when reception/signals WIFI/3G are not good, it seamlessly shift from to ‘data to local numbers’, to make the phone call live and healthy and to save it from what we say as a DROP CALLS. 

And they say that with the new Rebtel 2.0 a phone call to overseas will still be free or low cost like on a WIFI, even when one makes a shift from the data mode to a regular mobile call!

This is the reason, I personally use, love and recommend this VoIP company to my blog readers'.

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