Enjoy live IPL-5 live stream TV in the car, on the Go!

DLF IPL-5 season and craze of one day fast cricket game has hitted, the Indian subcontinent once again, sentiments are on full bloom, craze is all where spread like the air, India-Times is beaming the live IPL matches stream on web and mobile phones for this IPL season 5 too, 

Watch IPL cricket one day matches live here

IPL-T-20 schedule: Here

How to watch IPL LIVE on the GO, in the cars without missing a single ball?

Well, AVANI TV is the name of the company which provides for the ball to ball live streaming of TV telecast in the cars, while on the road, you can watch LIVE TV in your car on the move, this is NOT for free, and comes with a subscription,

Avani LCD TV for moving cars offers many TV channels, live TV and bouquet of different TV programmes, Internet music, movie on demand, videos ... the TV will move with you in your car and you do NOT have to glued with your TV to watch matches or live programmes etc, this will be your truly mobile TV,

The charges may be as: car AvaniTV car kit for INR 20,000/- or so; LCD TV cost, a package for the TV channels you may want to see while on the move etc .... enjoy mobile TV and spread the word to the world ...

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