Free phone calls to Cyprus (EU): Localphone

Localphone is the UK based cheap & free international and mobile VoIP calls provider like Rebtel of Sweden and of Israel,

Localphone is giving away absolutely FREE overseas calls to CYPRUS (European Union memeber nation) from anywhere in the world, from 12pm (noon) GMT 12th April - 12pm (noon) GMT 19th April, 2012.

-Free Rebtel phone calls in-between 50+ countries
-Unlimited free International calls and free to Cyprus calls from UK***Get a free UK number

These are no obligation unlimited free calls to landlines (country code +357) in Cyprus! to celebrate the Orthodox Easter celebrations. Localphone users may call Cyprus (Europe, EU) for as long as they need to and to as many people as they wish.

After the promotion ends the phone calls to Cyprus will be charged at the normal rate from 1¢ per minute, as usual.
free calls to Cyprus, call Cyprus for free

About Localphone:

Localphone has a free to cheap international calling technology based on generating local numbers which connects the overseas at free or very low cost rates.

The Localphone customers can always make a call from their cell phone or even from landline and they have to pay very low price.

They also provides for cheap or very low cost VoIP abroad and local calls which can be made from a laptop, or a tablet like iPad or any compatible VoIP device.

Thus the UK based Localphone offers 4 major unique communication disruptive telephony:

1. Local Numbers,
2. Internet Phone,

3. Global SMS and

4. Incoming Numbers

Local phone is a stable, useful and reliable service and can be tested for free to anywhere from anywhere, and one can start with just USD 1 with local phone, the minimum calls starts only from US cents 0.05 per minute to USA and depends on the location you re calling to,

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