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Well, thanks to the Telephoon blog's UK/global visitors who make the last post viral on the web which explains, how to get a FREE UK phone number in just 2 minutes or how to convert any country's number into a UK number and make unlimited free international calls from UK,If you had missed that post, you can read it below,

1. You know, that the UK guys can make an unlimited free abroad calls from UK having converting anybody's phone number in the world (almost),

2. The non-UK guys also can take benefit of this UK free instant numbers, just free sign up, convert your phone number into a UK phone number and pass them to your UK contacts, so they can make a free calls to you (using bundled minutes like in O2, Orange etc.) or a local rates UK call to any international guys,

3. For the people going/roaming to UK, international students studying in the UK or people going to London Olympics, this is a must needed free service to make free or a local call from London/UK to yours living out of UK, thus save money on international calls and international roaming,

How UK guys with a UK phone number can get free international roaming, almost anywhere in the world?

Let us take an example, if Uncle Sam, a UK person, going to the US, with his UK SIM or a UK number, than he should do this:

1. Buy a local US SIM card,

2. Register to FWcall and get a free new UK number forwarded to the US sim card, (means simply convert this new US phone number to a free UK number),

3. Make a follow me from your original/old UK number to this free/new FWcall UK number,

This way Uncle Sam (UK guy with a UK#) can roam in the USA without paying international roaming incoming calls at all and all the calls that will reach his UK mobile number will be diverted locally (from his minutes allowance) to FWcall number and then to the US SIM card at no charge ... this useful telephony tip can be done in most of any country in the world by the above procedure,

... and yes the UK callers of Uncle Sam will still bear the local or free UK calls to make him call in the US and not an overseas calling charges, like ever!

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... Stay tuned for our next series of posts which will show more such free or ultra cheap resources to make free, cheap or VoIP calls and what is happening latest in the disruptive telephony!

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