Encrypted, Secure, Private, Instant Group Chat on the Go

Privacy, anonymity, freedom and communication always should be the basic fundamental rights of any citizen of any nation in the world, but the limitations should be there that these basic rights do never invade with others legal rights and do not infringe the governmental measures which are useful and may be necessary for the safety and governance of any country! 

But it is a thin line which divides the above, ... where the limits stats and where it ends, is a tough question to decide one, many times the online hackers could invade or snoop into your private communication, chat, VoIP calling etc. (even without your knowledge), which you always thought to be secure and limited only to you and our contacts, this could be fatal or could pose a number of problems for you, 

Well, here comes the CRYPTOCAT, which promises its users to connect with an instantly and secure conversation and also the group conversations with upto 10 persons. It's an open source encrypted, private cool alternative to such other communication social services like Facebook chat and such, 

How the encrypted Cryptocat IM works for a secured chat? 

They say, that the messages are encrypted inside the web browser using AES-256 and 4096-bit asymmetric keys. The encrypted data is securely wiped after one hour of inactivity, so this is safe and secure to make private messaging, The good thing is that Cryptocat also works with Apple iPhone, Android and also on RIM's Blackberry smart cell phones' mobile browsers.

NYTimes.com has a descriptive article on the Cryptocat: encrypted and secure communication and messaging and who and what is behind this technology,

Nadim Kobeissi 21, is a Lebanon based (now in US) young man who has created this encrypted chat room platform to give freedom from hackers and such fishes for safety, anonymity and peace of mind, to make you secure to communicate with yours either in a group or one-to-one!  
Simply ...

The Cryptocat is a piece of code which should be placed on web servers and thus it will than provide the https accessible web platform which works on current desktops and cell phones mobile browsers.

Just remember the softawre is only for the use of general peoples' convenience and is NOT ment for the high end security or so, and yes it is FREE for you and also for me!

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