An app to share weather reports, get more social

A free utility and essential weather app for iOS 4.3 or later devices to know & share weather in 128+ countries, the WEATHERMOB is hot on the free Apple apps charts now ...

What is weathermob app?

The app is designed to predict and forecast weather conditions globally so you can get-set-go anywhere without having the trouble of rain, cold, snowing or Tsunami : ) 

They say that the weather app, weathermob is a mobile social network which can handle and share weather reports globally, and has already raised USD 3,60,000 in fresh funds from various sources like angel investors like Christopher Austin, Tim Albright etc.,

How to use weather app: weathermob?
iOS app for weather conditions; know and share weather mobile app

Well, the free application fits to your smart Apple iOS gadgets is easy to use, and by using this app you can say yourself to be a 'weather reporter', actually this app concludes the REAL-TIME weather digital and meteorological data to be shared with its users, also it allows video and photo social sharing with smart Apple mobile or iPad, iPod, the users from more than 128 countries are already using this whether app on their iOS devices, 

The home screen or home page for this app depicts the snapshot of the current conditions of the weather in your region or location, which also includes FLURRIES (... synopsis or headlines of current weather and forecast of upcoming one etc.)  

When you produce and share a popular weather report which is viewed by other members too, you get points for that and you can be made as virtual 'Bureau chief for weather department' for your particular location or ZIP code arena!

Do it now

Go shoot the stunning videos, photos for your local atmosphere or your weather using the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod ouch, show the world how your weather is letting you mood! Write some good weather headline, share with yours the REAL-TIME weather reports and be the first to let others know, what will prevail now on wards on the weather front, hey do not forget to share on Facebook and Twitter, what are you feeling in the present conditions of Sun or snow : ) and yes you can have eight days prediction by time clock mode, climate reports with you using this app ... take a break!

Take a bike right in snow weather condition

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