Apps to communicate with Autistic kids in your voice

Apps for Autism kids training
Apps for autistic childeren
Autism is a disorder of neural development and it impairs the communication and social interaction ability of a person largely, it could have the roots in the very genes of a person and could be very troublesome for the sufferer and his/her family, well wishers and friends!

Communication is a must and vital for any human born on the Earth, so how the technology can help to the children suffering with Autism? Yes it can of course help such kids and toddlers with speech difficulty etc,

1. Aeir Talk is one of the app available in iTunes store for $1.99 for Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch which can significantly help the Autistic kids with some learning disorders,

This app is a custom flash card app for apple iPad etc, and you can make your voice heard to a kid with Autism, to teach and train him with new vocabulary, numbers, alphabets, letters or words, just select a picture, and give your voice to that selected picture in your iPad, iPhone etc, and give a caption, a new card to teach the kid is ready for you.

You or the teacher of the children having Autism disorder or anyone can create unlimited number of such flash cards to display & help using Aeir Talk autistic kids' apps.

One such another but an expensive app ($79.99) for such children is: TalkTablet HD

2TalkTablet HD app has US English / Spanish voice pronunciation and can be good learning tech resource for the person having difficulties in communication like having: Autism, Aphasia, Down Syndrome, Stroke, Laryngectomy or such similar conditions that may adversely affects his persons ability to speak.

If you really seek this Talktablet app for autistic kids, but seems an expensive option for you, do not worry, they says that:
"...Can't afford TalkTablet? Did you know that we give TalkTablet away FREE to a family in need each week? If you want to nominate someone for TalkTablet, send a brief description of the nominee to [email protected] and we will enter them into the drawing. Please send only ONE nomination per individual..."
3. GPS based educational communication app for Autistic disorder children

Autismate is yet an another GPS based app ($49.99) for such God's own children! It blends the most modern technology to the Autistic community.

About GPS use or navigation they say:
"GPS reduces navigation by presenting usera with scenes from their current location. Making custom word boards for different categories with symbols or your own images is made very simple, and users can get to them with just a click. There's no difficult navigation, which children with autism often struggle with, as found in many other speech apps out there today .... GPS added to reduce navigation by one extra step. The user is immediately presented with scenes from their current location (My House, My School, ...). Setting the GPS position of a location can be done with the click of a button. Turn GPS mode on/off in your iPad settings."
iPad app for Autistic children

Have a nice time and lead a VERY happy, meaningful and peaceful life, Amen!!! God Bless all ...


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