An app to share weather reports, get more social

A free utility and essential weather app for iOS 4.3 or later devices to know & share weather in 128+ countries, the WEATHERMOB is hot on the free Apple apps charts now ...

What is weathermob app?

The app is designed to predict and forecast weather conditions globally so you can get-set-go anywhere without having the trouble of rain, cold, snowing or Tsunami : ) 

They say that the weather app, weathermob is a mobile social network which can handle and share weather reports globally, and has already raised USD 3,60,000 in fresh funds from various sources like angel investors like Christopher Austin, Tim Albright etc.,

How to use weather app: weathermob?
iOS app for weather conditions; know and share weather mobile app

Well, the free application fits to your smart Apple iOS gadgets is easy to use, and by using this app you can say yourself to be a 'weather reporter', actually this app concludes the REAL-TIME weather digital and meteorological data to be shared with its users, also it allows video and photo social sharing with smart Apple mobile or iPad, iPod, the users from more than 128 countries are already using this whether app on their iOS devices, 

The home screen or home page for this app depicts the snapshot of the current conditions of the weather in your region or location, which also includes FLURRIES (... synopsis or headlines of current weather and forecast of upcoming one etc.)  

When you produce and share a popular weather report which is viewed by other members too, you get points for that and you can be made as virtual 'Bureau chief for weather department' for your particular location or ZIP code arena!

Do it now

Go shoot the stunning videos, photos for your local atmosphere or your weather using the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod ouch, show the world how your weather is letting you mood! Write some good weather headline, share with yours the REAL-TIME weather reports and be the first to let others know, what will prevail now on wards on the weather front, hey do not forget to share on Facebook and Twitter, what are you feeling in the present conditions of Sun or snow : ) and yes you can have eight days prediction by time clock mode, climate reports with you using this app ... take a break!

Take a bike right in snow weather condition

Google for 'Zerg Rush' and let Google play Easter eggs game with you

Google is impossible to crack and sometime to understand, are they machine, creative think tanks, robots, artificially intelligent aliens or may be the humans with feelings and sentiments?! What you think? 

I think they are artificially intelligent robots which have developed some human feelings too with the time, they are technically the master mind, they can paint Google Doodles too and can search anything in the virtual world on a click of a button, and sometimes you may say, I am feeling lucky with Google! 

The search engine giant, the Google has something funny and creative now, just type the words "ZERG RUSH' into the Google search engine and the results will make you smile for sure, the virtual Easter eggs 'game' will fill & fall the search page (falling letter 'o' originates from Google's 'o') and will hit and destroy the Google 's own organic search results and snippets etc, this is really creative and could be addictive too ...

Google for ZERG RUSH and play Easter Eggs game with Google

At the end of the Easter eggs search game, the Google will show you the ZERG RUSH game details as GG means Good Game:

Search Google for Zerg Rush and play Easter Eggs game
... In the recent past too Google applied this type of a gaming to its organic search page, when we type 'LET IT SNOW'  Google fills the search page with ice or rather frost the computer screen, which has to be defrost to view the search results,

Google, please let the more such browser games roll out, we love games and YOU too : )

Note: They say that this Google's browser game will NOT work with Internet Explorere 7 / 8 and works only on modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.
What is Zerg Rush"
According to the term Zerg Rush means as:
"Zerg Rush is an online gaming term used to describe an overwhelming scale of attack carried out by one player against another in real time strategy (RTS) games. The term originates from the popular RTS game Starcraft, in which the “Zerg” race is notoriously known for its ability to mass-produce offensive units within a short time frame, thus allowing the player to overpower the opponent by sheer number."

Skype video call app for Play Station Vita (by Sony)

Finally this is official that you can now make unlimited free Skype to Skype or cheap international video calls (VoIP) on your Play Station Vita gaming console while playing the video games on the Go!

Skype's official app for Sony play station vita has arrived , More info here,
Skype video call app for Sony PS Vita
Be comfortable to play video games and do Skype video calls on PS Vita by Sony, make free VoIP calls or low cost long distance calling to regular phone numbers worldwide using WIFI or 3G data plans ... and turn your PS vita into a smart VoIP video phone or a smart cell phone (without a SIM)!

They say: how it works:
"...The Skype app includes free Skype-to-Skype voice calling, as well as high quality video calling that utilizes PS Vita's front and rear cameras. The Skype app on PS Vita runs in "background mode" while you're gaming or using other applications** -- meaning you have the capability to "pause" a game, conduct a call and then return to your previous activity -- so you never miss a call. Plus, with a little Skype credit you can make low-cost calls to landlines and mobile directly from your PS Vita..."

Call free to South Korea, (Republic of)

Localphone from UK is giving away the absolutely free calling week to South Korea landlines from anywhere in the world, no fine prints, no contracts at all,

The free deal to South Korea landline phones:

Starting 12pm (noon) GMT 20th April - 12pm (noon) GMT 27th April 2012, the Localphone is giving away an unlimited number of free voice calls to the landlines phone numbers in South Korea! All of the customers can call there for as long as they want to as many people as they want.

Free calls to South Korea until 27th April 2012

After the promotion ends calls will be charged at the normal rate from 1.5¢ per minute.

Free phone calls to South Korea, call Korea free
Cheap international calls with Localphone

Free calls to Haiti (West Indies, Caribbean nation)

You can make 60 minutes free international phone calls to the Caribbean country, the Republic of Haiti,

Rebtel the free and cheap international VoIP calls provider (second biggest after Skype) is giving away the free overseas phone calls (international long distance free calls) to the West Indian country Haiti but only till April 22.

Skype free video calling on HD-TV screen

Turn your any HDTV into a 2-way Skype TV video phone, how to?

Video calling comes on TVs
Skype Live on HD-TV

Skype is a wonderful, disruptive free VoIP calling software of our times to make free calls anywhere to anywhere, anytime in the world, it just need an internet connection or 3G or WIFI, and Skype enabled phone or Skype enabled calling devices,

Skype brings unlimited free local or long distance calling in an easy way that even your Grand Mumma too can handle this tech jugglery like ABC,

The Skype is world's largest provider of VoIP calling and has made the record for largest people online on it at the same and concurrent time,

Well, do you wish to make the free locl, long distance or overseas Skype chat on the big wide screen of a HD TV?

Tely Labs Skype video calling on TVs

Ok, than Tely Labs is the good option for you, Tely Labs provides Skype video calling platform on any television(s), and you never need a PC to make free international video call conferencing or video based tele-midicine!

Turn your HDTV (idiot box) into an intelligent two-way video communicator, instantly:

As we know that the video calling and video calling on cell phones, Apple, iPad, tablet PCs is on an increase, and they say that there are over 300 million minutes of Skype TM video calls are made on a daily basis, which is still growing, thus if you want to use Skype on your TV than TelyHD Skype video experience could be a good and useful option, to make BIG SCREEN video chat right from you garage or a living room : )

Pricing for this all in one Skype TV videophone

Tele lab device or hardware comes for $249.99 and there is no monthly fees or commitment to make the calls or video calls.

Apps to communicate with Autistic kids in your voice

Apps for Autism kids training
Apps for autistic childeren
Autism is a disorder of neural development and it impairs the communication and social interaction ability of a person largely, it could have the roots in the very genes of a person and could be very troublesome for the sufferer and his/her family, well wishers and friends!

Communication is a must and vital for any human born on the Earth, so how the technology can help to the children suffering with Autism? Yes it can of course help such kids and toddlers with speech difficulty etc,

1. Aeir Talk is one of the app available in iTunes store for $1.99 for Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch which can significantly help the Autistic kids with some learning disorders,

This app is a custom flash card app for apple iPad etc, and you can make your voice heard to a kid with Autism, to teach and train him with new vocabulary, numbers, alphabets, letters or words, just select a picture, and give your voice to that selected picture in your iPad, iPhone etc, and give a caption, a new card to teach the kid is ready for you.

You or the teacher of the children having Autism disorder or anyone can create unlimited number of such flash cards to display & help using Aeir Talk autistic kids' apps.

One such another but an expensive app ($79.99) for such children is: TalkTablet HD

2TalkTablet HD app has US English / Spanish voice pronunciation and can be good learning tech resource for the person having difficulties in communication like having: Autism, Aphasia, Down Syndrome, Stroke, Laryngectomy or such similar conditions that may adversely affects his persons ability to speak.

If you really seek this Talktablet app for autistic kids, but seems an expensive option for you, do not worry, they says that:
"...Can't afford TalkTablet? Did you know that we give TalkTablet away FREE to a family in need each week? If you want to nominate someone for TalkTablet, send a brief description of the nominee to [email protected] and we will enter them into the drawing. Please send only ONE nomination per individual..."
3. GPS based educational communication app for Autistic disorder children

Autismate is yet an another GPS based app ($49.99) for such God's own children! It blends the most modern technology to the Autistic community.

About GPS use or navigation they say:
"GPS reduces navigation by presenting usera with scenes from their current location. Making custom word boards for different categories with symbols or your own images is made very simple, and users can get to them with just a click. There's no difficult navigation, which children with autism often struggle with, as found in many other speech apps out there today .... GPS added to reduce navigation by one extra step. The user is immediately presented with scenes from their current location (My House, My School, ...). Setting the GPS position of a location can be done with the click of a button. Turn GPS mode on/off in your iPad settings."
iPad app for Autistic children

Have a nice time and lead a VERY happy, meaningful and peaceful life, Amen!!! God Bless all ...


Encrypted, Secure, Private, Instant Group Chat on the Go

Privacy, anonymity, freedom and communication always should be the basic fundamental rights of any citizen of any nation in the world, but the limitations should be there that these basic rights do never invade with others legal rights and do not infringe the governmental measures which are useful and may be necessary for the safety and governance of any country! 

But it is a thin line which divides the above, ... where the limits stats and where it ends, is a tough question to decide one, many times the online hackers could invade or snoop into your private communication, chat, VoIP calling etc. (even without your knowledge), which you always thought to be secure and limited only to you and our contacts, this could be fatal or could pose a number of problems for you, 

Well, here comes the CRYPTOCAT, which promises its users to connect with an instantly and secure conversation and also the group conversations with upto 10 persons. It's an open source encrypted, private cool alternative to such other communication social services like Facebook chat and such, 

How the encrypted Cryptocat IM works for a secured chat? 

They say, that the messages are encrypted inside the web browser using AES-256 and 4096-bit asymmetric keys. The encrypted data is securely wiped after one hour of inactivity, so this is safe and secure to make private messaging, The good thing is that Cryptocat also works with Apple iPhone, Android and also on RIM's Blackberry smart cell phones' mobile browsers. has a descriptive article on the Cryptocat: encrypted and secure communication and messaging and who and what is behind this technology,

Nadim Kobeissi 21, is a Lebanon based (now in US) young man who has created this encrypted chat room platform to give freedom from hackers and such fishes for safety, anonymity and peace of mind, to make you secure to communicate with yours either in a group or one-to-one!  
Simply ...

The Cryptocat is a piece of code which should be placed on web servers and thus it will than provide the https accessible web platform which works on current desktops and cell phones mobile browsers.

Just remember the softawre is only for the use of general peoples' convenience and is NOT ment for the high end security or so, and yes it is FREE for you and also for me!

FB, Apple, China a threat to WWW? Google believes?

Google seems to be quiet sentimental over the past or rather the future of the internet or world wide web, 

In an exclusive interview, the Google Co-founder Sergey Brin reportedly said that the Google would have been never born, if the present time situations were persist at the time of its making! Web was more open than, now there are only chains and chains everywhere ...

The openness, freedom of expression and universal access is being hindered in the times of Apple and Facebook, the powerful forces are getting united day by day to restrict the openness and freedom of world wide web,

... like China kicked away the search giant Google, Iran, Saudi Arabia and few governments minutely censors and restricts the internet ... also the Facebook and Apple are STIFLING the innovation and are risking the BALKANIZING the web!

Sergey Brin of Google further said:"You have to play by their rules, which are really restrictive. The kind of environment that we developed Google in, the reason that we were able to develop a search engine, is the web was so open. Once you get too many rules that will stifle innovation." 

and also said that "Facebook has been sucking down Gmail contacts for many years,"

... So who controls the web, who monopolizes it, who restricts its openness and freedom are some great cause of concerns for any think-tanks, this could be an another start or escalation of war of words between internet giants like Google, Apple, Facebook etc,

But one thing should always be clear that the world wide web or simply the internet is NO BODY'S property and it should never be monopolized or crushed by anyone either it is any internet giant or a government of any country, this is the basic freedom of worldwide expression & speech, and if it will be tried to restrict, crushed or such, the revolutions only will take place ...

Also of  similar interest:

Free phone calls to Cyprus (EU): Localphone

Localphone is the UK based cheap & free international and mobile VoIP calls provider like Rebtel of Sweden and of Israel,

Localphone is giving away absolutely FREE overseas calls to CYPRUS (European Union memeber nation) from anywhere in the world, from 12pm (noon) GMT 12th April - 12pm (noon) GMT 19th April, 2012.

-Free Rebtel phone calls in-between 50+ countries
-Unlimited free International calls and free to Cyprus calls from UK***Get a free UK number

These are no obligation unlimited free calls to landlines (country code +357) in Cyprus! to celebrate the Orthodox Easter celebrations. Localphone users may call Cyprus (Europe, EU) for as long as they need to and to as many people as they wish.

After the promotion ends the phone calls to Cyprus will be charged at the normal rate from 1¢ per minute, as usual.
free calls to Cyprus, call Cyprus for free

About Localphone:

Localphone has a free to cheap international calling technology based on generating local numbers which connects the overseas at free or very low cost rates.

The Localphone customers can always make a call from their cell phone or even from landline and they have to pay very low price.

They also provides for cheap or very low cost VoIP abroad and local calls which can be made from a laptop, or a tablet like iPad or any compatible VoIP device.

Thus the UK based Localphone offers 4 major unique communication disruptive telephony:

1. Local Numbers,
2. Internet Phone,

3. Global SMS and

4. Incoming Numbers

Local phone is a stable, useful and reliable service and can be tested for free to anywhere from anywhere, and one can start with just USD 1 with local phone, the minimum calls starts only from US cents 0.05 per minute to USA and depends on the location you re calling to,

Rebtel ‘Keep-Talking’: Forget dropped phone calls for ever!?

Rebtel from Sweden is an established and one of the most honest name in mobile VOIP, they are second biggest in the world after Skype, the VoIP King,

free calling from Rebtel:

To make a voice call using Rebtel (mobile VoIP), you do NOT need a PC or internet etc. to make free and/or cheap overseas phone calls, by using this Swedish VOIP company one can make phone calls from ANY cell phone to any landline and mobile phone in the world, this is very comfortable, easy and cheap 

 … and yes they give free unlimited overseas calls in-between 50+ countries, termed as Rebtel countries,

Pay only for the time you talk: Six second billing after the first minute, no contract, no hidden fees. Try Rebtel for free now from any phone!

The Rebtel outgoing free or cheap calls can be made from any cell phone, smart cell phone, PC, laptop, Apple, iPad, tablets, iPod Touch etc. (over 3G, WIFI, or local phone numbers), landline phone, Blackberry, Android, Web or from where ever you wish to make such phone calls! It is just name of comfort, low cost and ease! 

Rebtel mVoIP has a unique feature, introduced with its Rebtel 2.0 version which is not an improvement to its old version but has many new features as well, like: 

Keep Talking Software to end the Dropped Calls era forever!

Rebtel’s new proprietary technology initiates the KEEP TALKING software which promises an end to the dropped calls. 

 The Keep Talking phenomenon works on the push of a button, which permits Rebtel users to make a shift or a mid calling transition over 3G/WIFI to the local minutes 

… great concept, which results: the phone call will never be dropped, if/when the WIFI reception or 3G cellular network is weak or get a sudden blow in the mid of your phone talk! 

Keep Talking will ensure that while during a phone call is in progress, when reception/signals WIFI/3G are not good, it seamlessly shift from to ‘data to local numbers’, to make the phone call live and healthy and to save it from what we say as a DROP CALLS. 

And they say that with the new Rebtel 2.0 a phone call to overseas will still be free or low cost like on a WIFI, even when one makes a shift from the data mode to a regular mobile call!

This is the reason, I personally use, love and recommend this VoIP company to my blog readers'.

More related info:

Free overseas roaming with UK phone number

Well, thanks to the Telephoon blog's UK/global visitors who make the last post viral on the web which explains, how to get a FREE UK phone number in just 2 minutes or how to convert any country's number into a UK number and make unlimited free international calls from UK,If you had missed that post, you can read it below,

1. You know, that the UK guys can make an unlimited free abroad calls from UK having converting anybody's phone number in the world (almost),

2. The non-UK guys also can take benefit of this UK free instant numbers, just free sign up, convert your phone number into a UK phone number and pass them to your UK contacts, so they can make a free calls to you (using bundled minutes like in O2, Orange etc.) or a local rates UK call to any international guys,

3. For the people going/roaming to UK, international students studying in the UK or people going to London Olympics, this is a must needed free service to make free or a local call from London/UK to yours living out of UK, thus save money on international calls and international roaming,

How UK guys with a UK phone number can get free international roaming, almost anywhere in the world?

Let us take an example, if Uncle Sam, a UK person, going to the US, with his UK SIM or a UK number, than he should do this:

1. Buy a local US SIM card,

2. Register to FWcall and get a free new UK number forwarded to the US sim card, (means simply convert this new US phone number to a free UK number),

3. Make a follow me from your original/old UK number to this free/new FWcall UK number,

This way Uncle Sam (UK guy with a UK#) can roam in the USA without paying international roaming incoming calls at all and all the calls that will reach his UK mobile number will be diverted locally (from his minutes allowance) to FWcall number and then to the US SIM card at no charge ... this useful telephony tip can be done in most of any country in the world by the above procedure,

... and yes the UK callers of Uncle Sam will still bear the local or free UK calls to make him call in the US and not an overseas calling charges, like ever!

Please make this post again viral for the use of all or anyone interested, Facebook, Tweet it, pass it to yours, Blog it, post it on forums, telecom forums, Digg, Stumble, Google+ it, SMS, email, bookmark, subscribe and make it socially bookmarked...

... Stay tuned for our next series of posts which will show more such free or ultra cheap resources to make free, cheap or VoIP calls and what is happening latest in the disruptive telephony!

Enjoy live IPL-5 live stream TV in the car, on the Go!

DLF IPL-5 season and craze of one day fast cricket game has hitted, the Indian subcontinent once again, sentiments are on full bloom, craze is all where spread like the air, India-Times is beaming the live IPL matches stream on web and mobile phones for this IPL season 5 too, 

Watch IPL cricket one day matches live here

IPL-T-20 schedule: Here

How to watch IPL LIVE on the GO, in the cars without missing a single ball?