TV-Silencer: A Phone Ring, Which Auto Mutes the TV

Don't rush to search for TV remote to mute your TV when your phone rings; install a TV Silencer application for your home

Science and Technology have no bounds, they are ever evolving like the speed of time and clock, no looking back,

Well, many times as your phone or cell phone rings, you rush to search your remote for TV, but when we need it, it never comes handy, it is always hidden : ) so you have either to stand up to switch off your TV and may be your elderly parents and small kids could miss a phone call than, this is not wanted by you, as the phone calls could be really important that time, if not taken, you might miss something important too, oops!

Introducing TV-silencer: Mutes your TV and pauses DVD-VCR player as your phone rings

tv-silencer dot com

TV silencer is a modern age patented gadget, which automatically MUTES/PAUSES the TV or home system, stereo, DVD/VCR player etc as your phone rings, you have than to rush for a remote, the technology makes it auto-mutable with the sound gadgets, so one can hear the phone call easily and clearly without any discomfort! And as you complete your talk and hang up the phone, the sound automatically gets restored to that previous level, you were hearing it, no use of TV or DVD etc. remote here at all.

To Summarize:

1) TV-Silencer automatically mutes the TV and/or stereo when the phone rings enabling you to clearly hear the phone ring.
2) TV-Silencer eliminates the worry that has caused you to driving to you loved ones home because they could not hear their phone ring over their TV or Stereo.
3) TV-Silencer eliminates your worries of missing a phone call because your TV or Stereo is loud.
4) No batteries required to operate because it plugs into your phone line
5) You can buy one for each TV or stereo in your home.
-where the idea came form, driving 65 minutes round trip to check on a elderly aunt who could not hear her phone because the TV was to loud.
-addresses the home theater market, ( over 25,000,000 in US alone) Parents with teenage kids can enjoy the sound of their home theater and not worry about missing a call from 1 of their kids.

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