T-Mobile Unlimited Calls to ANY Cell Phone in US, Puerto Rico

T-Mobile Unlimited Phone Calls to ANY Mobile Phone for flat $10 from April 4, 2012 in USA / Puerto Rico

T-Mobile would soon have an unlimited calling plan to any cell phone-s starting April 4, 2012, (no it is not April fools' day), and not only in the USA but also you can make unlimited calls to any mobile phone in Puerto Rico regardless of any cell phone carrier from your T-Mobile's cell phone,

Actually, what is, that they believe that almost 80% calls from T-Mobile are made to cell phone numbers, thus is the flat rate unlimited calling scheme with an ease,

No Contracts; just add it on your existing plan

So do not rush for cheap calling cards or a data plan, 3G, 4G or LTE or VoIP internet calling on WIFI etc in USA / Puerto Rico, go T-Mobile and call easily local, long distance domestic calls with your cell phone to any cell phone on the go, anytime, always in just $10 a month package. The good thing is that there would be NO contract or such at all.

And this T-Mobile's unlimited calls to any cell phone will NOT require to change your current plan or subscription, you can take this as an ADD-ON which can be removed at any time,

How to make cheap overseas calls from US, Puerto Rico or from anywhere in the world using cell phone, web, PC or landline?

... To make unlimited cheap international calls, you still can use the best and lowest rate option as: http://telephoon.blogspot.in/2012/03/international-calls-at-1-minute.html

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