New iPad-HD-LTE-4G, Sucks Facetime Video Chat

Oops! Facetime Video Calling does NOT works over LTE-4G on New Apple iPad 3 or iPad-HD, which is LTE-4G enabled!

Hey, so you have ordered or got the new Apple iPad tablet PC, the next wonder gadget in the world, I know your sentiments you are a geek and love the gadgets and future gadgets and tablets PCs,

About Latest Apple iPad 3 (Features)

You love to have speed in the life and also such on your iPad with fast broadband internet or 4G-LTE! I understand, but do the Apple Inc. guys understand this too? They have released the so called iPad third generation, which has lots and lots of newest features like:

-Best retina display in 9.7 inch space you can see cool HDTV quality things,

-A5X fast chip which is the lifeline for cool pictures and retina display too,

-iSight 5 MP camera for 1080 p HD video,

-iLife and iWork,

-WIFI-4G-LTE - they say this is the cutting edge wireless technology to give you full throttle speed on your new iPad 3, you can taste the thunder on high speed data networks and 4G-LTE!

-You can use your new iPad 3 as a personal hotspot,

-Airplay: Play it on your Apple tablet and watch it on your TVs large big screen, MIRRORING, and much more ... just explore, the whole, new digital world ...

Free video calling Facetime  do NOT works over 4G-LTE (it's only WIFI)?

Well done Apple, this is more than enough for this world, but do you free FACETIME video calling native app works over 4G-LTE? No it's not, it sucks, but you can use it over WIFI like ever!

So what a consumer got if he/she buy this tablet for the sake of making Facetime video calls over 4G-LTE? Nothing? Facetime, face-to-face free real time live video calling on iPad 3 is still in WIFI only mode ... where is the innovation and how the Facetime is different from its predecessor, the iPad 2?

Reports from trusted source-s are pouring-in now that Facetime really does NOT works on 4G-LTE, what to do now? Apple knows or may be the Gods too :( It is the call of Apple!

Would you REALLY buy or order or wait for nest, iPad HD - LTE-4G or even better, even if Facetime free video calling does not works on 4G-LTE networks? is the million dollar question?

... and please never brickbat me, I still do NOT owe the $100 billion+ worth Apple Inc. : (


Team - Free Pc to Phone Calls said...

I have an Apple iPad and the most awesome feature about it is Facetime!

I really wonder why apple has not supported facetime over 4G, however that said it should not bother me because what we got in India is only 3G (who knows when will we have 4G in India).

Team - Free Pc to Phone Calls

Anonymous said...

U bet u dont have have and iPad ... So far I see in ur post "PC TO PHONE CALLS " pc lovers hate in apple
So what if the 4g isn't available for FaceTime .. Perhaps in the future will be available .. So far the device is awesome
Very well spent money and love the fact that I won't have to carry a book bag full of books to school anymore
Since everything I need is right in my iPad
From PDF files, to presentations, papers, textbooks, music,
Photos, videos, etc ... Seriously this is something way futuristic I'm so blessed to be a part of this era and so greatful to apple for bronging what was only in scify movies to our lives. Stip hating and posting negative reviews, instead join a productive, creative and positive team such as apple to be part of a better future.
I don't care about the millions they are making .. Success has always been recognize and well paid .. It's capitalism
They make a good product and consumers buy it
Not to mention the exceptional customer service.
When other companies crumble due to disasterous customers service, apple has made a difference.
It's plain and simple, apple rocks while pc sucks ..

kartikshradha said...

@anonymous Hey you won, yes I do not have an iPad : ( But this does not makes me 'poor' or a pathetic fellow, atleast in my eyes! I am still as happy as I should always be, anyways ...

Who had seen the future? why Apple did not stated openly that Facetime on New iPad does not works over 4G-LTE? Of course New iPad is/may be awesome, but I did not brick batted the iPad in general, just reviewed that its video calling native app: FACETIME does not works over 4G-LTE, so a buyer should never be confused and better alerted for the value of his hard earned money,

This is NOT a matter to get sentimental, actually I use to live in present and not in the future like you or may be anyone else :)

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