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If you are fed up with paying way too much for your monthly calling charges, which can be exceptionally high, especially when you're calling abroad often, try MobileVOIP.

MobileVOIP ( is a simple application which you can install on almost any SmartPhone. If you own an iPhone (or iPod/iPad), Android (HTC, Samsung, LG and all others, even tablets), Symbian (mostly Nokia), BlackBerry or Windows Phone, you can either download the app from the app store you normally use or surf to and find the proper application for your operating system there.

Make Free international calls using your mobile or Apple ipad

The application itself is free of charge, and you can log on to it after registering with any of over 50 (!) supported VOIP brands. You can sign up through or through the MobileVOIP application itself. Most of the supported VOIP brands offer the first 90 days of calls to selected destinations for free (for example, find a list of the destinations for here:

How to do and what to do?

All you have to do is buy 10 euro credit and you can call countries like the USA, Germany, United Kingdom and Malaysia mobile for free over the course of 90 days. After this period, you'll still have your 10 euro credit left to call any other destination you'd like, or call the normally free destinations at a reduced tariff.

In general any non-Free destination can be called through these labels as well for the cheapest rates, which are mostly lower than those of comparable services like Skype, Rebtel and Vonage.

Taking you back to the MobileVOIP application: It gives you the option to set up a regular VOIP call, as well as a Call Back function, through which you can save on your mobile calls as well, even if you aren't within the range of a reliable internet signal. MobileVOIP even offers the chance to send Textmessages for rats which are often about 50-70% cheaper than the rates your regular provider offers!

Here are the direct links to the MobileVOIP application for each platform:

iPhone / iPod / iPad:

Android phones:

Nokia / Symbian:

Windows Phone:


Mobilevoip already handles over 1.5 million calls a month through their app. Which is way more than most other comparable applications have, whether it be iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Symbian. Already tons of people have downloaded the app and are using it on a daily basis, and you can join them, saving huge amounts of money on a monthly basis!

More information:

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Also watch related YouTube video: Truphone+

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