International Calls at 1¢ A Minute, Unlimited, Any Time, From Anywhere

Low Cost Calling on Cell Phones, PC, Landline How to?

LocalPhone is a cheap international phone calls provider to the world and has one of the best rates and calling quality in the world, they are emerging and evolving strong, each passing day to eclipse the telecommunication world one day, it seems : )

The call rates using Localphone starts from as low as 0.5¢ a minute to USA from anywhere, using your existing ANY mobile phone, web, PC or landline, if you are using your cell phone to call than no need to use WI-FI, GPRS, 3G or any data plan or internet, Localphone provides you their local number technology, using which you can make low cost to free abroad calls only on the rates of a local call.

LocalPhone Specialties

You can start with a FREE international call for full 5 minutes, without revealing your credit card etc. info, than if like you may start with just $1 balance or recharge and can recharge when you need again, there is no EXPIRY date for your balance in your account. Thus this is easy, reliable and for life.

See some nice and really cheap international calling destinations using Localphone

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