Free 4G Mobile Broadband & Wi-Fi Hotspot: NetZero

USA: Get ready to create a free personal WIFI hotspot (like MIFI does), on the go to check your FB, emails, Google search etc. using free 4G wireless mobile broadband by NetZero.

NetZero is best known for its dial-up services in the USA, and in the year 1998 they pioneered in free home internet (free ISP) via ads supported revenue model.

NetZero now has 2 hardware devices:

1. NetZero 4G stick for $49.95, no contracts,

2. NetZero 4G Hotspot (creator) $99.95, no contracts, for iPad, tablets, net-books, laptops, cell phones and WiFi gadgets,

NetZero 4G WIFI hotspot dongle, modem or gadget (works in 150 ft range and up to 8 WIFI (wireless) enabled devices could connect seamlessly on the 4G data speed) is very cost effective for some small data usage you need to work on the Go, it has a good battery life, informative LCD screen and also a few of the speed management options, a contract free cell phone broadband,

… But when or if you need to work over large data, than you should search and choose some better carriers or data plans in terms of cost cutting etc. may be you could find a better deal for your hard earned money elsewhere,

There are 5 plans available for NetZero WIFI modem or hotspot creator like MIFI,

Wifi Plans: Free and Paid

Plan#1 is the most attractive for small data usage, like NetZero hardware (cellular/mobile broadband wireless modem) comes for USD99.95 and gives you free 200 MB data access per month for initial 12 months of purchase, which could be sufficient for any user to check the emails etc on the Go and than there after 12 months it will still cost just $9.95 for 500 MB data on a 4G data speed …

The all plans at-a-glance, you may want to know are:

Plan#1 Free 200 MB data, for initial 12 months of purchase of NetZeo wireless mobile broadband modem for $99.95, or NetZero 4G stick for $49.95,
Plan#2 $9.95 a month for 500MB,
Plan#3 $19.95 for 1GB,
Plan#4 $34.95 for 2GB,
Plan#5 $49.95 for 4GB

Be sure to first check the coverage in the USA of your location/city/town before you go for NetZero wireless cellular 4G modem!


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