Doorbell App, Auto Calls & SMS On Reaching Any Door

A Doorbell that rings somebody's cell phone or a landline phone?!

There is a smart and intelligent Doorbell app for Apple iOS (iphone, ipad, ipod touch) which promises that when you reach at the door of your contact, it will automatically text and/or make a phone call to your contact, so you have never to worry for a DOG inside : ( or may be the doorbell is not working etc, this is smart technology and is possible only of smart apps available for Apple iOS handheld devices,

This 'pocket doorbell' app for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch comes for $0.99 and can be downloaded from Apple iTunes store.

How Pocket Doorbell App works?

The intelligent mobile phone application can smartly 'predict' using the location technology, that where had you reached, and whose door will you use to give a 'ping'.

As you will press the doorbell, this smart app will itself and automatically SMS / make a call to the person associated with that house, you have to do nothing, so never worry to tap the door or to look inside and say, hey this is me, please open the door ... this is all done by this wonder app and the location based technology hidden behind it.

... Actually your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad screen will pop-up the name of the guy, owner of that house (on doorbell nameplate), where you had reached (if this is already in your address book) using location based mobile tracking technology,

Smart Tip:

When you reach someone's house for the very first time, just press the doorbell and just make a choice, to whom (whose phone number) you will love to get associated with that home, doorbell or location, than thereafter whenever you will press that doorbell, that 'associated' person will get informed via auto text message and phone call as you will press the doorbell.

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