Cheap Calls on Mobile From Anywhere, No Internet, PC needed

Low Cost international phone calls on mobile phones from anywhere to anywhere

Tired of high rates to make an international call and always it is a hassle to carry an internet, WIFI, GPRS or 3G connection on the move,

No problem just use you existing ANY mobile phone, no need it to be an expensive mobile, even entry level cell phone s OK here and your existing SIM or a phone number,

Localphone is easy and better rates than Skype the King of VOIP

Use UK's Localphone low calling rates and local number technology to make a phone call either from your mobile phone, landline phone, PC or laptop etc.


- Remember 5 minutes overseas caling is free to test the quality and honesty of Localphone and NO credit card is required to test the call.

- Cheap call starts from 0.5 cents and onwards, depends on the destination,

- If you are staisfied with free international test call, than sign up, try with just $1 credit or balance in your account, no expiry of your credit here, top up anytime, if you need to do so,

- It is hassle free, straight from any phone or PC, no internet or computer needed, even your Grandma can make a cheap call from mobile without your help : )

- Use it on the go, no need to search public WIFI, private MIFI or hotspots, say good bye to expensive 3G, 4G or data plans, use it from even non Apple and non Android ordinary mobile phones too .. it works, believe me : ) it is a mobile VoIP. So start making global calls at local rates.

Special Deal and discount offer for Students

Sign up clicking this banner here or click to learn more:

Students receive 100% extra credit with Localphone

Useful for persons on the international roaming to cut the hefty international roaming costs and get connected while on the move ....

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