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Call For Free: Portugal (Europe)

It seems that the UK based LocalPhone guys are poised to give our readers an unlimited free phone calls, each and every week,

Every week they choose a new country (till now it is Europe) and offers free unlimited international calls from anywhere, first it was free Poland calls, than France free calls now this is the turn of Portugal (... and who knows who is the next, better get updates in your inbox by subscribing to this blog for free or bookmark, Facebook, Tweet us), the free calls to Portugal phones will be available to anybody as per schedule:

What they say: "unlimited free calls to Portugal for a whole week. All calls to landlines in Portugal will be free from 12pm (noon) GMT Monday 19th March until 12pm (noon) GMT Monday 26th March. There's no catch, calls to all Portuguese landlines will be free for all Localphone customers new and old. After the promotion ends, calls to Portugal landlines will return to the normal rate from1¢ a minute"

Local Phone Mobile VoIP

Localphone, the mobile VOIP team provides unlimited cheap overseas calls using local number technology thus an international part of the phone call could be dialed on the local phone call rate, there is no hidden things, they are honest like me : )

Use free or cheap phone calls as you need, as you wish

To all of the world, one can start with only $1 credit in your balance, which never expires, if you do not use, and enjoy the world's cheapest calling rates on cell phones/mobiles, iPhone, Android, tablets, PC or landline. They are just amazing! They are simpler than Skype and cheaper than too : ) You can cancel anytime, there is NO CONTRACT at all, but you will surely like them and call quality ...

Revealing & Sharing a Secret

Actually to spread the information for free and writing this blog is my passion, hobby and full time revenue source, I do not charge anything from my readers to read this blog, but if you wish and love Localphone's free call, you can get buy calling credits, even if you buy only $1 credits, not it will benefit you with world's one of the lowest calling rates to call the world at ease, but also the Localphone company will provide us paying some affiliate (referral) commissions when/if you get signed up with our referral link, it will NOT cost you a dime more, as the company will provide our referral fees only from its own profits (not from you) and you can start buying call credits from just $1, thats it : ) cancel anytime if you do not like, but you will like it, I bet ... so get set go,

Give a free try to test the calling quality and if like subscribe than, and do not forget to make free calls to Portugal (Europe) now.

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PS: They also have an unbelievable cheap calling package to make unlimited low cost calls to Philippines, check it out here: Unlimited calls to a friend in the Philippines for $39.99 a month!

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