Free 4G Mobile Broadband & Wi-Fi Hotspot: NetZero

USA: Get ready to create a free personal WIFI hotspot (like MIFI does), on the go to check your FB, emails, Google search etc. using free 4G wireless mobile broadband by NetZero.

NetZero is best known for its dial-up services in the USA, and in the year 1998 they pioneered in free home internet (free ISP) via ads supported revenue model.

NetZero now has 2 hardware devices:

1. NetZero 4G stick for $49.95, no contracts,

2. NetZero 4G Hotspot (creator) $99.95, no contracts, for iPad, tablets, net-books, laptops, cell phones and WiFi gadgets,

NetZero 4G WIFI hotspot dongle, modem or gadget (works in 150 ft range and up to 8 WIFI (wireless) enabled devices could connect seamlessly on the 4G data speed) is very cost effective for some small data usage you need to work on the Go, it has a good battery life, informative LCD screen and also a few of the speed management options, a contract free cell phone broadband,

… But when or if you need to work over large data, than you should search and choose some better carriers or data plans in terms of cost cutting etc. may be you could find a better deal for your hard earned money elsewhere,

There are 5 plans available for NetZero WIFI modem or hotspot creator like MIFI,

Wifi Plans: Free and Paid

Plan#1 is the most attractive for small data usage, like NetZero hardware (cellular/mobile broadband wireless modem) comes for USD99.95 and gives you free 200 MB data access per month for initial 12 months of purchase, which could be sufficient for any user to check the emails etc on the Go and than there after 12 months it will still cost just $9.95 for 500 MB data on a 4G data speed …

The all plans at-a-glance, you may want to know are:

Plan#1 Free 200 MB data, for initial 12 months of purchase of NetZeo wireless mobile broadband modem for $99.95, or NetZero 4G stick for $49.95,
Plan#2 $9.95 a month for 500MB,
Plan#3 $19.95 for 1GB,
Plan#4 $34.95 for 2GB,
Plan#5 $49.95 for 4GB

Be sure to first check the coverage in the USA of your location/city/town before you go for NetZero wireless cellular 4G modem!


Unlimited Free Calls to HongKong Mobiles: Giveaway

In our 'make unlimited cheap or free international calls to' series, now this is the turn of HONG KONG to dial absolutely unlimited free calls on mobile phones ...

From March27, to April03, 2012 for full one week, from anywhere in the world you can make unlimited free calls to Hong Kong Mobile phone numbers.

Absolutely no hidden things, no fine prints, no contracts and even no credit card numbers to get this free telecom deal from LocalPhone guys.

About LocalPhone:

Localphone guys are UK based and pioneer in giving away free and cheap international phone calls to the world,

-The cheap calling starts from as low as 0.5 US cents a minute,
-No Fine prints,
-No contracts at all, cancel anytime, if you do not like call quality etc,
-Dial from ANY cell phone, PC, tablet or landline phone any time, any day,
-Minimum balance to recharge your account is just $1 (try with just $1 to get started),
-Dial overseas phone calls at the rates of a Local Call, by using there local calling number technology,

How to make unlimited and free phone calls to Hong Kong?

Use this link Free calls to mobiles in Hong Kong until 3 April 2012 to sign up for free and get started on the dates we have mentioned, after the end of this free promo, normal cheap calling rates will apply, till than happy and free abroad calling to Hong Kong,

stay tuned for the next free calling destination, by subscribing or bookmarking this blog, spread the word ...

free calls to Hong Kong, call Hong Kong, cheap international calls

A Social Video Sharing App for Cell Phones

A decent & easy way of recording videos on your cell phones as well as sharing them instantly with your family, friends or may be business contacts!

…Sharing the videos from your Android devices or Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS) is easy and fun with the new app called as SocialCam, replace your camcorder with your smart cell phone now,

In this very dense ‘jungle’ of various tech applications, a young, awesome bud has bloomed out with the cool, incredible features that have literally led the human life in an ease.

The modern tech world has and is becoming more and more powerful with all the latest stunning innovations and discoveries. The tech world seems to get more viral with each passing day.

With the groovy invention of the cell phones and than apps for them, they have become a daily necessity and utility of an individual, and why not they are the easiest way of communication all over the globe :) today most of the video shots are recorded on the cell phones. The humble camcorders are largely replaced by a device that’s already in your pocket; …they are the very cell phones :)

Introducing the SocialCam, a San Francisco start up has an application called SocialCam that allows its users to quickly upload and share video across social networks.

Well, we see millions of video clips stored on the Smartphone’s end up online. The reason is although it is easier to click pictures using Smartphone’s but is actually harder to upload the videos over the social networks. How to put the videos on Facebook? The newbie’s find very hard to know the video uploading features on Facebook.

Most of the cell phones versions have built-in option to post the video but the whole procedure is irksome. That’s why most of us go through sharing videos by holding the phones in front of other people’s faces, an easiest way of video sharing ;)

Here takes place the birth of new, most- talked video app called SocialCam, as the name implies, is hardly the first mobile application that can record and share videos over the social network. The application is FREE for iPhone and Android models.

About Socialcam, what and how?

SocialCam is the easiest way to share videos with your friends and family members. It makes video sharing experience from your phone as simple as uploading photo to Facebook. With some elite clicks you are able to record, tag and share videos. Also you can make comments and likes on your friend’s videos.

SocialCam is an easiest way to upload videos but also have some technical tricks. It starts uploading your video as soon as you start recording the video. If you take a video and if there is no connection, the app will just store the video.

The application connects with Facebook smoothly as ever. Here you can tag your friends in related videos as soon as you take them and this way the video are placed on their walls too. So, people will actually see your videos even if they are not SocialCam users. If someone tags you in SocialCam video, it would be placed on your wall of Facebook, but you can un-tag yourself too. Sharing the videos on Twitter, email or SMS is also a simpler operation than ever before.

Let us go through some striking features of SocialCam:
• It allows unlimited video length to be shared and stored.
• You can upload video while you are recording.
• You can record the video and can upload later on when you have an Internet connection.
• You can tag your friends in the videos.
• You can comment, like and browse your friend’s video too!
• You will get an instant notification when tagged in any friend’s video.
• Also can share videos with email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Dropbox.

SocialCam has popularized the genre of live video feeds with its amazing features. It is great app for sharing videos, indeed! But it could also be an important app in citizen journalism and revolution. It modifies, alters the experience in the sharing media when compared with the other apps that did the same thing.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download the app from Apple’s App Store for iPhone or Google’s Android Market. Once you start, it will prompt you to log in using your Facebook account and then shoot and share will be more comfortable than ever before.

Start posting your videos on Social Network using your smart cell phone, iPad etc with SocialCam….Be Social on the go!!


Heartiest thanks to Devashree B., a budding blogger, a mother and a loving wife, for writing this article as a freelancer exclusively for Telephoon Blog. Have a great time...

Info-Graphics: What a Single Laptop Could Do in Past?

Time travel app: travel in past with your iPad
Travel in the past with Time-Machine and imagine what you could do if you have a laptop or (or may be an Apple iPad) there?

Thanks to our friends Chris Abraham for attracting our attention to this nice and funny info graphics, depicting 'Humans & Laptops': What could you do with a single laptop in the past?

Just imagine to travel in time on a Time-machine and go into the past (pre-historic) with a laptop and do the funny things there using the computer notebook or net-book, just imagine this voyage to the past and smile : )

Imagine wild, give the wings to your wildest of the cognitive capabilities, human brain and a modern age computing machine or a laptop/iPad both can compute, so what could be more similarities, fun, and how the present could go relating to the past, how could be the scene in ancient Indus, Greece or Mesopotamia ??? if people were having laptops, PCs or iPad tablets all around : )

TV-Silencer: A Phone Ring, Which Auto Mutes the TV

Don't rush to search for TV remote to mute your TV when your phone rings; install a TV Silencer application for your home

Science and Technology have no bounds, they are ever evolving like the speed of time and clock, no looking back,

Well, many times as your phone or cell phone rings, you rush to search your remote for TV, but when we need it, it never comes handy, it is always hidden : ) so you have either to stand up to switch off your TV and may be your elderly parents and small kids could miss a phone call than, this is not wanted by you, as the phone calls could be really important that time, if not taken, you might miss something important too, oops!

Introducing TV-silencer: Mutes your TV and pauses DVD-VCR player as your phone rings

tv-silencer dot com

TV silencer is a modern age patented gadget, which automatically MUTES/PAUSES the TV or home system, stereo, DVD/VCR player etc as your phone rings, you have than to rush for a remote, the technology makes it auto-mutable with the sound gadgets, so one can hear the phone call easily and clearly without any discomfort! And as you complete your talk and hang up the phone, the sound automatically gets restored to that previous level, you were hearing it, no use of TV or DVD etc. remote here at all.

To Summarize:

1) TV-Silencer automatically mutes the TV and/or stereo when the phone rings enabling you to clearly hear the phone ring.
2) TV-Silencer eliminates the worry that has caused you to driving to you loved ones home because they could not hear their phone ring over their TV or Stereo.
3) TV-Silencer eliminates your worries of missing a phone call because your TV or Stereo is loud.
4) No batteries required to operate because it plugs into your phone line
5) You can buy one for each TV or stereo in your home.
-where the idea came form, driving 65 minutes round trip to check on a elderly aunt who could not hear her phone because the TV was to loud.
-addresses the home theater market, ( over 25,000,000 in US alone) Parents with teenage kids can enjoy the sound of their home theater and not worry about missing a call from 1 of their kids.

New iPad-HD-LTE-4G, Sucks Facetime Video Chat

Oops! Facetime Video Calling does NOT works over LTE-4G on New Apple iPad 3 or iPad-HD, which is LTE-4G enabled!

Hey, so you have ordered or got the new Apple iPad tablet PC, the next wonder gadget in the world, I know your sentiments you are a geek and love the gadgets and future gadgets and tablets PCs,

About Latest Apple iPad 3 (Features)

You love to have speed in the life and also such on your iPad with fast broadband internet or 4G-LTE! I understand, but do the Apple Inc. guys understand this too? They have released the so called iPad third generation, which has lots and lots of newest features like:

-Best retina display in 9.7 inch space you can see cool HDTV quality things,

-A5X fast chip which is the lifeline for cool pictures and retina display too,

-iSight 5 MP camera for 1080 p HD video,

-iLife and iWork,

-WIFI-4G-LTE - they say this is the cutting edge wireless technology to give you full throttle speed on your new iPad 3, you can taste the thunder on high speed data networks and 4G-LTE!

-You can use your new iPad 3 as a personal hotspot,

-Airplay: Play it on your Apple tablet and watch it on your TVs large big screen, MIRRORING, and much more ... just explore, the whole, new digital world ...

Free video calling Facetime  do NOT works over 4G-LTE (it's only WIFI)?

Well done Apple, this is more than enough for this world, but do you free FACETIME video calling native app works over 4G-LTE? No it's not, it sucks, but you can use it over WIFI like ever!

So what a consumer got if he/she buy this tablet for the sake of making Facetime video calls over 4G-LTE? Nothing? Facetime, face-to-face free real time live video calling on iPad 3 is still in WIFI only mode ... where is the innovation and how the Facetime is different from its predecessor, the iPad 2?

Reports from trusted source-s are pouring-in now that Facetime really does NOT works on 4G-LTE, what to do now? Apple knows or may be the Gods too :( It is the call of Apple!

Would you REALLY buy or order or wait for nest, iPad HD - LTE-4G or even better, even if Facetime free video calling does not works on 4G-LTE networks? is the million dollar question?

... and please never brickbat me, I still do NOT owe the $100 billion+ worth Apple Inc. : (

T-Mobile Unlimited Calls to ANY Cell Phone in US, Puerto Rico

T-Mobile Unlimited Phone Calls to ANY Mobile Phone for flat $10 from April 4, 2012 in USA / Puerto Rico

T-Mobile would soon have an unlimited calling plan to any cell phone-s starting April 4, 2012, (no it is not April fools' day), and not only in the USA but also you can make unlimited calls to any mobile phone in Puerto Rico regardless of any cell phone carrier from your T-Mobile's cell phone,

Actually, what is, that they believe that almost 80% calls from T-Mobile are made to cell phone numbers, thus is the flat rate unlimited calling scheme with an ease,

No Contracts; just add it on your existing plan

So do not rush for cheap calling cards or a data plan, 3G, 4G or LTE or VoIP internet calling on WIFI etc in USA / Puerto Rico, go T-Mobile and call easily local, long distance domestic calls with your cell phone to any cell phone on the go, anytime, always in just $10 a month package. The good thing is that there would be NO contract or such at all.

And this T-Mobile's unlimited calls to any cell phone will NOT require to change your current plan or subscription, you can take this as an ADD-ON which can be removed at any time,

How to make cheap overseas calls from US, Puerto Rico or from anywhere in the world using cell phone, web, PC or landline?

... To make unlimited cheap international calls, you still can use the best and lowest rate option as:

Call Nigeria (Africa) for FREE

It seems mobile VoIP companies Rebtel and Localphone are having a neck to neck 'fight' in giving away free international phone calls,

Free calls:

LocalPhone from UK had given away free calls to France, Poland and currently Portugal is under their radar of free calling from anywhere in the world,

Rebtel from Sweden is also all set to give away the FREE overseas calls to their customers, they have already finished the free calling campaigns to Ghana, Cuba and current free call promo to Nigeria is about to end in just few hours, so just grab it free calling to Nigeria,


Nigeria Happy Hour

Sign up ONLY HERE (special link) to get the free phone calls to Nigeria, Do not worry, if you see tariff there, you will NOT be charged to call Nigeria if you call during this campaign period,

Learn, how to make free calls to Nigeria, but sign up only the SPECIAL link above to get the free calls, hurry this is about to end in just few hours, I will let you know than which is the next country in the que of getting free international calls either from Rebtel or from Localphone, the mobile VoIP guys.

Stay tuned with has, there is much more which still has to come, spread the word to yours, on forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Social, bookmark/subscribe us ...

How to Delete Skype IM/Chat History?

How to Delete Skype IM/(audio/video)Chat History from your Skype account? and VoIP free calls user at many times indulge in Skype private IM or chatting with girlfriend, boy friend or an adult chat may be, generally as your PC or iPad, laptop could be a personal device so no problem if Skype is always in a login mode as your PC starts,

But think, if anyhow your wife/husband or kids by an accident mess up or access your PC and go to already your LOGIN-ed Skype, what could happen? it would be a WAR, a rage and a havoc!

You will loose your trust, reputation and hence the mental peace, could be labelled as dishonest or such, so better do not do WRONG DEEDS ; ) or know somebody could spy your tablet or PC thus delete the Skype history and cookies forever, so you could never be digitally spied on,

Procedure to Delete Skype History and Cookies

Make this a habit > When you are login on your Skype account, go to the top at Skype toolbar > click on TOOLS > click on PRIVACY SETTINGS on left side bar > choose NO HISTORY > click on CLEAR HISTORY > than below it click on CLEAR SKYPE COOKIES > Go the end and click on SAVE.

You are done, you can do it after each private Skype session or whenever you like to do so, than you will be at relief, and nobody could read your Skype private IM or chat session,

If you want to make your chat saved than first save it at some place like Notepad, MS word or in the cloud before deleting the Skype chat session.

Thanks to Devashree B. (associate writer of this VoIP Blog) for suggesting this nice and useful Skype tip.

Calls To Portugal are Free, Grab it Now

Call For Free: Portugal (Europe)

It seems that the UK based LocalPhone guys are poised to give our readers an unlimited free phone calls, each and every week,

Every week they choose a new country (till now it is Europe) and offers free unlimited international calls from anywhere, first it was free Poland calls, than France free calls now this is the turn of Portugal (... and who knows who is the next, better get updates in your inbox by subscribing to this blog for free or bookmark, Facebook, Tweet us), the free calls to Portugal phones will be available to anybody as per schedule:

What they say: "unlimited free calls to Portugal for a whole week. All calls to landlines in Portugal will be free from 12pm (noon) GMT Monday 19th March until 12pm (noon) GMT Monday 26th March. There's no catch, calls to all Portuguese landlines will be free for all Localphone customers new and old. After the promotion ends, calls to Portugal landlines will return to the normal rate from1¢ a minute"

Local Phone Mobile VoIP

Localphone, the mobile VOIP team provides unlimited cheap overseas calls using local number technology thus an international part of the phone call could be dialed on the local phone call rate, there is no hidden things, they are honest like me : )

Use free or cheap phone calls as you need, as you wish

To all of the world, one can start with only $1 credit in your balance, which never expires, if you do not use, and enjoy the world's cheapest calling rates on cell phones/mobiles, iPhone, Android, tablets, PC or landline. They are just amazing! They are simpler than Skype and cheaper than too : ) You can cancel anytime, there is NO CONTRACT at all, but you will surely like them and call quality ...

Revealing & Sharing a Secret

Actually to spread the information for free and writing this blog is my passion, hobby and full time revenue source, I do not charge anything from my readers to read this blog, but if you wish and love Localphone's free call, you can get buy calling credits, even if you buy only $1 credits, not it will benefit you with world's one of the lowest calling rates to call the world at ease, but also the Localphone company will provide us paying some affiliate (referral) commissions when/if you get signed up with our referral link, it will NOT cost you a dime more, as the company will provide our referral fees only from its own profits (not from you) and you can start buying call credits from just $1, thats it : ) cancel anytime if you do not like, but you will like it, I bet ... so get set go,

Give a free try to test the calling quality and if like subscribe than, and do not forget to make free calls to Portugal (Europe) now.

free calls to Portugal, call Portugal, cheap international calls

PS: They also have an unbelievable cheap calling package to make unlimited low cost calls to Philippines, check it out here: Unlimited calls to a friend in the Philippines for $39.99 a month!

How To Spy on Mobile Phones Without Being Detected?

Cell Phones and Spying Technology

Today’s modern society simply cannot do without cell phone technology and related software and applications. Smart phones like Blackberry, Android and Apple iPhones have become the norm and allow cell phone users to make phone calls as well as text messaging.

In addition, the technology also allows the users to be in constant touch with their social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and many more. There are quite a few cell phone spying software created in the market that helps in spying cell phones without being detected.

Choose the best cell phone spying software

With the help of innovative techniques, there is advancement in technologies helping consumers to use cell phone with advanced features. These advanced applications help users to spy the cell phones without leaving any sign of trace about the spying software being installed on the cell phone.

Although, there are several cell phone spying applications being launched in the market, it is very important to choose an application that works in complete stealth mode. Mobile Spy ( is one such spying software known for secretly spying cell phones with the help of its best features.

Upon installing the cell phone spying software, you will be provided with a web based account that can be accessed from any part of the world with the help of internet connectivity.

In addition, you will be provided with an application that gets loaded onto the targeted cell phone within minutes.

Once the application gets loaded, you will be able to track the cell phone activities with ease. The Mobile Spy software secretly monitors the following activities:

• The cell phone spying software tracks all incoming and outgoing calls along with the duration of calls as well as time stamp.

• Monitors text messages on the targeted cell phone even when the messages are erased from the cell phone. The text messages can be viewed with its full content.

• The GPS location feature helps in uploading the location information in every 30 minutes with the help of a link directing towards a location map.

• The cell phone spying application has the ability of logging all contacts present in the targeted cell phone. The new contacts added onto the cell phone can be viewed as well.

• Email history that includes both incoming and outgoing emails can be retrieved through the cell phone spying software.

• The media files like photos and videos get recorded on the Mobile Spy website and it can be retrieved anytime.

• The web history, cell ID locations, calendar events, memo input, personal tasks

Overall, Mobile Spy is one of the best cell phone spying software that helps you to monitor the smart phone activities instantaneously.

You can spy the cell phone activities without being detected through this excellent software. This unique software has been considered to be the latest as far as the cell phone surveillance is concerned.

The software can be used to check if your spouse is cheating on you, the loyalty of your employee can be monitored and the safety of your children can be ensured with the help of this effective cell phone spying software.

International Calls at 1¢ A Minute, Unlimited, Any Time, From Anywhere

Low Cost Calling on Cell Phones, PC, Landline How to?

LocalPhone is a cheap international phone calls provider to the world and has one of the best rates and calling quality in the world, they are emerging and evolving strong, each passing day to eclipse the telecommunication world one day, it seems : )

The call rates using Localphone starts from as low as 0.5¢ a minute to USA from anywhere, using your existing ANY mobile phone, web, PC or landline, if you are using your cell phone to call than no need to use WI-FI, GPRS, 3G or any data plan or internet, Localphone provides you their local number technology, using which you can make low cost to free abroad calls only on the rates of a local call.

LocalPhone Specialties

You can start with a FREE international call for full 5 minutes, without revealing your credit card etc. info, than if like you may start with just $1 balance or recharge and can recharge when you need again, there is no EXPIRY date for your balance in your account. Thus this is easy, reliable and for life.

See some nice and really cheap international calling destinations using Localphone

Doorbell App, Auto Calls & SMS On Reaching Any Door

A Doorbell that rings somebody's cell phone or a landline phone?!

There is a smart and intelligent Doorbell app for Apple iOS (iphone, ipad, ipod touch) which promises that when you reach at the door of your contact, it will automatically text and/or make a phone call to your contact, so you have never to worry for a DOG inside : ( or may be the doorbell is not working etc, this is smart technology and is possible only of smart apps available for Apple iOS handheld devices,

This 'pocket doorbell' app for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch comes for $0.99 and can be downloaded from Apple iTunes store.

How Pocket Doorbell App works?

The intelligent mobile phone application can smartly 'predict' using the location technology, that where had you reached, and whose door will you use to give a 'ping'.

As you will press the doorbell, this smart app will itself and automatically SMS / make a call to the person associated with that house, you have to do nothing, so never worry to tap the door or to look inside and say, hey this is me, please open the door ... this is all done by this wonder app and the location based technology hidden behind it.

... Actually your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad screen will pop-up the name of the guy, owner of that house (on doorbell nameplate), where you had reached (if this is already in your address book) using location based mobile tracking technology,

Smart Tip:

When you reach someone's house for the very first time, just press the doorbell and just make a choice, to whom (whose phone number) you will love to get associated with that home, doorbell or location, than thereafter whenever you will press that doorbell, that 'associated' person will get informed via auto text message and phone call as you will press the doorbell.

BT Voice is UK's Google Voice! VoIP with Single Number

BT Voice in UK enables all of your digital communication devices with one single number like Google voice does in USA!

One of the world's oldest telecommunication companies: The British Telecommunication or BT, HQ: London, the UK, is enabling a technology: BT Voice, for the customers, so they can make phone calls like the people in US makes using Google Voice!

Get a FREE UK Number, instantly: Make free international calls

One and Single Phone Number to ring on all of your Phones / PC

Like the Google Voice in the USA, the VoIP users will be able to use a single number, one can use the primary number on all of his/her telephone devices & PC like you can use your office or home phone number on all of your phones, PC, laptop, mobiles, SIP/VoIP phones and/or landline phones. This is all due to the BT's and Ribbit's phone technology.

This bit like SIP Forking technology.

All of the smart phones like Apple (iOS), Google Android, RIM-Blackberry, SIP/VoIP devices, PC and phones etc will be able to get benefited of this ONE NUMBER RINGS ALL technology.


Call Cuba for Free, Who Says it's Expensive?

Call Cuba for Free: Mobile VoIP Rebtel

Once again I have THE BEST of the best free deal for you, now call Cuba for free for full 60 minutes or an hour from anywhere in the world, using ANY of your existing cell phone, SIM, or from PC, landline etc! No fine prints, no charges and also there is extra 5 minutes free call to test the quality,

You know Cuba is one of the most expensive nations to call there, phone calls to Cuba are very very expensive and may cost from 59 cents to more than a Dollar per minute! So it is in fact a more than $60 value free deal .... is world's second largest VoIP provider afer Skype, which hails from Sweden, and is a trusted brand of millions, so you can and rather should use Rebtel, they are giving away to ONLY FIRST 1000 users who will fill and redeem the code,

Procedure to make free calls to Cuba from cell phone, PC or landline:

- The Rebtel free call promo is available for all of the existing and new customers both,

- Existing customers: enter the voucher code: Cuba60Minutes and click on 'REDEEM NOW' button, and your call to Cuba will be free for 60 minutes, if you could get this promo,

- New Customers: Signup for free: Sign up ONLY HERE to make free calls to Cuba, than while filling the registration form, click on "GOT A VOUCHER CODE"? link ; enter the voucher code as: Cuba60Minutes ; start calling Cuba for free for full 1 hour, no contracts and no hidden things or charges, they are really honest.

FYI: While registration/redemption, if you see call rates, do not worry, this promo supersedes that, and if you get this free Cuba deal, you will NOT be charged at all (to make Cuba calls only for 60 minutes, but calls to other nation will be charged, if any, even during this Free Cuba period), this is for sure, Rebtel is the among the world's most honest companies, we know : ) so hurry and complete your sign up before anybody else might take this excellent mobile VoIP free calls deal!

Remember, the free calls to Cuba are available only to the very first 1000 registrants, so hurry, if you want this deal or tell yours who need this, get viral ...

This free calling to Cuba promotion starts now and till Monday March 12, 2012, 6PM GMT. Thank You Rebtel Team!


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