US: Port Landline Number for Free to VOIP: NetTalk Duo

Land line Phone Number Porting for Free in USA to Digital mobile VOIP (not the mobile number portability: MNP, WNP or WLNP)

If you are in the USA (coming soon in Canada too) and want to keep your existing landline phone number but want to get rid of that wired land line service, so you can do now easily and opt for NetTalk Duo, the VOIP adapter to make free calls in US / Canada and cheap international calls, you can of course keep your existing landline phone number and can port it to you NetTalk Duo device. 

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Cut that nasty umbilical cord

If you have DSL service than you can port your existing number, learn here

About Phone Number Porting

This nettalk duo phone number porting service is nothing but a service where one can keep his existing phone number while can change the service provider so his old contacts never miss him / her, and when any of his contact dial his number it terminates to his phone though he might have change his telecom service provider. The caller never knows this and can talk as usual.

Reasons to Port the phone number

This may vary and includes various reasons, like cost of service, quality of service, customer care problems, and in case of landline phones, the reasons could range from costs to ease of access or mobility etc. You have to fill a NPA form (number porting authorization) form.

Right now landline phone number porting to NetTalk Duo is available in USA and will soon hit the Canada too, NetTalk Duo provides for free nations wide calling in the USA and Canada without PC.

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