Smart Mobile Tech, Auto Selects Best Path of Incoming Calls

Mobile Speed Data Software Sensor Technology which decides the path of an incoming call or voice mail or email

There is a rapid pace of evolution in the telecom, wireless and telephony sector now a days, from analog, PSTN, Cell phones to VoIP and from old traditional to disruptive technologies are mushrooming by each and every day!

A cutting edge wireless mobile technology which tracks your movements or speed and thus defines the best suitable path for an incoming call to you,

A Mobile Technology that decides best way to take an incoming call when you are in board room, meeting, driving, train, traffic, footpath ... etc.

NEC Global had devised such an innovative wireless mobile technology which is smart enough to track your movement's speed and knows that if you are in a meeting or so and than accordingly routes you the incoming calls,

... it decides on the movement of smart phone's speed and if you are at a fast speed than you will receive an email instead of the voice call and like if you are at a slow speed with your cell phone than this smart technology will send you the voice call with standard ring or a voice message, and this all depends on your speed and that is of your cell phone's too,

The innovative NEC mobile technology sensors the data and than decides the best suitable path for your incoming call to get convert it in either voice, text or voice mail.

They say this innovative technology will be available commercially by June 2012 and will be demonstrated in coming mobile world congress 2012,

Get ready for the wonderful wireless technology which is smart and promises a smooth and minimal intrusive communication by auto recommending the best suitable communication method for you to take the phone call!


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