Rogers One Number VoIP: Canada Free Calls

VOIP Canada: Free Talk, Free Text, Free Pictures send, Free Video Chat (only to other Rogers One numbers): Rogers One Number (post paid), Canada

Rogers communication with Counterpath from Canada have come a step ahead and promises to their customers the VOIP free calls and many more freebies in telephony. They have created a concept called as ROGERS ONE NUMBER which can be used with your existing phone number.

What is Rogers One Number, Canada?

Now the existing or new wireless users from Rogers wireless are free to make (using web browser) free phone calls, texting for free, and can make free video calls conferencing or video chat from their PC / Laptop via the cell phone number (existing number is fine).

Port your existing cell phone number to your PC and make free unlimited VOIP PC calls

The concept looks strange and opposite to traditional VoIP system, here in Rogers One Number, you are in a way, 'porting' your cell phone number to your computer! It is something like that.

You just need to be a Rogers wireless active customer and than you can login and use this free VOIP calling, free sms or free texting, free video calling service (to Rogers wireless users only) from any part of the world.

Transfer (switch) your wireless mobile calls to your PC, how to?

The good thing is that your wireless phone calls could be seamlessly switch-in (hop) or transferred to your PC (while you are on other call) from your cell phone easily,


Currently the Rogers One Number is compatible also with Gmail and Yahoo mail.

Roam internationally with Rogers One Number and shun hefty roaming to VOIP free calling

Rogers One Numbers can travel with you anywhere, it is truly mobile and can lower your wireless calling bill, as you can login to make free VOIP calls to Canada numbers, from any part of the world using Rogers One Number.

So simply: now get started and call any Canadian number for free, just using your computer (web phone) from anywhere in the world ...

Get Rogers wireless App for Apple iOS devices

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