MTV Mobile (Social) TV App to Stream Shows!

MTV Streaming TV Shows on cell phones (App); share with friends and make chat too

MTV Smart Cell Phone Social TV app (MTV Under The Thumb) to chat and co-view the content with your friends and contacts in same and real-time! MTV under the thumb app is for smart iOS and Android mobile phone apps,

MTV's Social TV App for co-view TV shows and chat

MTV streaming live on cell phones and tablets
This Viacom's, MTV social mobile TV app permits your to watch a 'TV show' with other users at the same time, the in-built FACEBOOK chat functionality provides you to chat too, while watching the social TV, simply the co-viewing TV app lets you watch a MTV show with other MTV users at the same time, they may be located in different places.

This is all for free for you, but they also have a subscription package if you wish something more.

Currently the MTV social TV browser based app (works on HTML5 and has a good view on Apple iPad browser too) is only released for Holland, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, the USA has to wait for now, but it will hit US soon.


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Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of being able to watch my favorite TV shows and movies on my phone. I have tried out most of the streaming apps available and I think this MTV app has potential. I really only care about streaming TV, the social features are extraneous. I already have Facebook and other chat/social apps on my phone. I do like that I get access to MTV video on demand with my DISH login information. MTVs app has potential, but I already have an app that surpasses anything it can offer. With the DISH Remote Access app that is free from DISH, my employer, I can stream any live TV channel or DVR recording right to my phone. Utilizing the Sling Adapter that is connected to my DVR, the DISH Remote Access app gives me full access to my DISH service as long as I have 3g, 4g or WIFI. Video on demand from MTV is awesome, but live TV is so much better.

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