Penalized by Google: PR 0 From 8

For the tech world and geeks, here is the yet another Google shock, it has lowered or rather end the Page Rank of much popular tech blog the from 8 to 0.

First I though may be this is a mistake, but on searching Google for this strange fact, this came true and shocking, I can not believe, though if Google can penalize itself in the SERPs than why not Mashable or someone else? Nothing is an exception in the eyes of internet unmatched KING, THE GOOGLE.

Yes, I believe that Google has gone artificially intelligent to a certain level and has an evolving disruptive technology which rules the virtual world and always and ever check and do for the best,

Re: Mashable penalization, some reportedly says they were involved in LINK SELLING in a way which Google never likes and Google has some rules to follow, if some site breaks the rules it is certain to get the Google axe, like the recent Page Rank of Mashable got t zero from high 8.

What is the Page Rank

On the surname of one of Google's co-founder, Larry Page, the PAGE RANK is a scale to measure the goodness of any web page or web site on a scale of 10, in Google's eyes and webmasters and SEO experts. High PR is always good here and PR 8 is extremely good in terms of SERPs traffic and SEO terms.

If you are a blogger or webmasters, either follow the Google's webmasters rules or say good bye to the web world, as Google knows only: DON'T BE EVIL!

Update: Seems Google has removed this penalization and Mashable is back with its PR8 in 24 hours, of writing this post : ) Win-Win for all ...


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Jai said...

Good move by Google, it proves that they are serious and no one is partial

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