Free App to Prevent CellPhone Radiation

Cellphone and Radiation, if any, if it exists? Free App to measure and Prevent.

We all have heard the stories, time to time that cell phones electro-magnetic radiations are carcinogenic or bad for our brain (of course if we have a brain) to talk long hours as it may cause tumor or cancer via a radiation they might 'broadcast' and are NOT good for children either ... etc.

Well, we are here, NOT the cancer or health expert, we are just tech bloggers and review the things which comes to my eyes, I just got the info of this new web app which promises to shield the radiation coming out of your mobile or cell phones: TAWKON (talk on).

App that tells the level of cell phone electro-magnetic radiation

Twkon radiation app for mobile phones (like Android, few Blackberries, iOS via Cydia, jailbreak as Apple has not allowed this still in iTunes Apps store etc.) measures the level of radiation emerging out of your cell phone while talking, thus one can prevent himself, if the radiation, SAR (specific absorption rate) is really high or something alarming for the health. The app will give you information and suggestion in the real time (RRI: real time radiation indication),

Remember, an App(le) a day keeps the doctor away : )


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