Disruptive Technology; Telephony; Innovation, What Do They Mean?

Disruptive Technology; Disruptive Telephony or Disruptive Innovation: Understand them ...

You might have noticed now-a-days these jugglery of words getting popular: disruptive technology; disruptive telephony; disruptive innovation or such ....

Are they only the 'fashion use' of English language by the clever Western writers or they have some sense behind too? Who coined them??

Well the answer is that yes, they are the words or set of words having some neat sense behind them and Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen has coined them!

Why Disruptive technology; disruptive telephony; disruptive innovation?

Clayton M. Christensen coined the term 'DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY' to describe that ...

... how the modern age cutting edge new technologies are unexpectedly displacing an age old established or old or rather conservative technologies.

For Example: Now-a-days popular VoIP or voice over internet protocol (like Skype etc.) internet telephony is very fast replacing the old wired PSTN or land line phones (cell phones are also doing the same) ... thus VoIP could be said as disruptive telephony!

Sustaining technology versus disruptive technology

Actually in the year 1997 Clayton's best selling book, "The Innovator's Dilemma," divided the new technology into two separate categories, viz.: sustaining and disruptive.

Unlike the disruptive technology, the sustaining tech or innovation does not open the vistas for the new value networks or new markets, but it always tends to evolve along on the lines of existing ones with better values.

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