Cheapest Phone Call to Cuba for 59 Cents/Minutes

Cheapest Calling to Cuba from anywhere in the world

Cuba is one of the country in the world, to where the phone calling is most expensive from any part of the world, and also there said to be the low penetration of internet and WIFI hotspots so it makes even pathetic to make cheap international or low cost overseas phone calls to Cuba from anywhere!

But if you still can manage a VOIP call termination to Cuba, than no doubt unlimited free Skype video or audio calling (Skype to Skype) is the best either from PC, laptop or using apps on mobile or web browser.

If No VOIP/Web is available to terminate your call in Cuba?

...Sorry than you have to make the phone calls to Cuba from any where in the world, which could end up on Cuban cell phones or landlines, (unlike pc to pc) and they will never be free but we have the Rebtel cheap phone calling offer, which is second largest VOIP provider in the world after Skype and specializes in mobile VOIP.

Rebtel rates to call Cuba landlines are: 59 cents/minute

Rebtel rates to call Cuba cell phones are: 59 cents/minute.

call quality is great with newest cutting edge no call drops technology from Rebtel.

Sign up for free Here

FYI: Remember first 5 minutes call is for trial and is absolutely free. So try now.

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Anonymous said...

It better be a cutting edge technology at this rate. LOL

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