Make free phone calls to Poland

Localphone is giving away free phone calls to POLAND landline phones for a week: from 12pm (noon) GMT Wednesday 29th February until 12pm (noon) GMT Thursday 8th March,

No fine prints, no catch, after the above promotion normal cheap calling rates to Polish phones will apply, and than you can start with even $1 with no expiry ever, you can call even from your mobile phones,

Make free calls to land line phones in Poland (Europe) now

Localphone's old and NEW all customers can avail this free calling to landline phones in Poland, opportunity, sign up below and enjoy the unlimited free calling to Poland.

MTV Mobile (Social) TV App to Stream Shows!

MTV Streaming TV Shows on cell phones (App); share with friends and make chat too

MTV Smart Cell Phone Social TV app (MTV Under The Thumb) to chat and co-view the content with your friends and contacts in same and real-time! MTV under the thumb app is for smart iOS and Android mobile phone apps,

MTV's Social TV App for co-view TV shows and chat

MTV streaming live on cell phones and tablets
This Viacom's, MTV social mobile TV app permits your to watch a 'TV show' with other users at the same time, the in-built FACEBOOK chat functionality provides you to chat too, while watching the social TV, simply the co-viewing TV app lets you watch a MTV show with other MTV users at the same time, they may be located in different places.

This is all for free for you, but they also have a subscription package if you wish something more.

Currently the MTV social TV browser based app (works on HTML5 and has a good view on Apple iPad browser too) is only released for Holland, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, the USA has to wait for now, but it will hit US soon.


Write, Publish, Sell E-Books: Earn Royalty, Creativity for Life

How to get Published an E-Book? And earn lifetime royalty?

Hyperlink is a platform, different from others, here if you have a passion and talent than you can write & publish small articles to ebooks to get published, they sell your work to the world at large and you earn the lifetime royalties for ever... one of the best work-from-home online business and an e-commerce venture for a layman with no tech skills.

In the age of e-commerce and internet the information sells, if you are a good marketeer you can sell yourself to the world and if you have the writing spirits but NO selling expertise or unknown to web's e-publishing and marketing than come to Hyperlink,

Be an E-Book writer; Earn name, fame, money with royalty for life from home

Hyperlink will help you in publishing high quality ebooks, for the topic you choose, they will sell your work and share the money i.e. royalty of it with you. You could become the next bestselling and published eBook author from your home or from your garage : )

Write Digital Books or Electronic Books: Good for Bloggers and Web based content writers

E-Book sells on the internet, no doubt about this, if you are a blogger or a content writer than it should be easy for you to write few ebooks or ebooks continuously for your life and earn descent money from home or from anywhere in the world on the Go, just with your internet and lappy!

Why Publish e-books?

-Where Hyperlink will sell your ebook?

They sell your creative writing work in Hyperink's marketplace, and also sell via Kindle, Nook, and the iBookstore. More marketing channeles are coming,

-Publishing is FREE, you have to pay nothing, no hassles, all will be done by them like cover design, layout, customer service and marketing and such stuff...

-Royalties will come to you, if any sales via Paypal with a monthly Royalty report.

-Start writing How To Guides, Self help, etc. things from 2500 words to a manuscript or a book, get published to a digital e-book and earn fame, creative satisfaction and money, Good Luck.

Browse ebooks from Hyperlink:

Smart Mobile Tech, Auto Selects Best Path of Incoming Calls

Mobile Speed Data Software Sensor Technology which decides the path of an incoming call or voice mail or email

There is a rapid pace of evolution in the telecom, wireless and telephony sector now a days, from analog, PSTN, Cell phones to VoIP and from old traditional to disruptive technologies are mushrooming by each and every day!

A cutting edge wireless mobile technology which tracks your movements or speed and thus defines the best suitable path for an incoming call to you,

A Mobile Technology that decides best way to take an incoming call when you are in board room, meeting, driving, train, traffic, footpath ... etc.

NEC Global had devised such an innovative wireless mobile technology which is smart enough to track your movement's speed and knows that if you are in a meeting or so and than accordingly routes you the incoming calls,

... it decides on the movement of smart phone's speed and if you are at a fast speed than you will receive an email instead of the voice call and like if you are at a slow speed with your cell phone than this smart technology will send you the voice call with standard ring or a voice message, and this all depends on your speed and that is of your cell phone's too,

The innovative NEC mobile technology sensors the data and than decides the best suitable path for your incoming call to get convert it in either voice, text or voice mail.

They say this innovative technology will be available commercially by June 2012 and will be demonstrated in coming mobile world congress 2012,

Get ready for the wonderful wireless technology which is smart and promises a smooth and minimal intrusive communication by auto recommending the best suitable communication method for you to take the phone call!

References: Penalized by Google: PR 0 From 8

For the tech world and geeks, here is the yet another Google shock, it has lowered or rather end the Page Rank of much popular tech blog the from 8 to 0.

First I though may be this is a mistake, but on searching Google for this strange fact, this came true and shocking, I can not believe, though if Google can penalize itself in the SERPs than why not Mashable or someone else? Nothing is an exception in the eyes of internet unmatched KING, THE GOOGLE.

Yes, I believe that Google has gone artificially intelligent to a certain level and has an evolving disruptive technology which rules the virtual world and always and ever check and do for the best,

Re: Mashable penalization, some reportedly says they were involved in LINK SELLING in a way which Google never likes and Google has some rules to follow, if some site breaks the rules it is certain to get the Google axe, like the recent Page Rank of Mashable got t zero from high 8.

What is the Page Rank

On the surname of one of Google's co-founder, Larry Page, the PAGE RANK is a scale to measure the goodness of any web page or web site on a scale of 10, in Google's eyes and webmasters and SEO experts. High PR is always good here and PR 8 is extremely good in terms of SERPs traffic and SEO terms.

If you are a blogger or webmasters, either follow the Google's webmasters rules or say good bye to the web world, as Google knows only: DON'T BE EVIL!

Update: Seems Google has removed this penalization and Mashable is back with its PR8 in 24 hours, of writing this post : ) Win-Win for all ...


Disruptive Technology; Telephony; Innovation, What Do They Mean?

Disruptive Technology; Disruptive Telephony or Disruptive Innovation: Understand them ...

You might have noticed now-a-days these jugglery of words getting popular: disruptive technology; disruptive telephony; disruptive innovation or such ....

Are they only the 'fashion use' of English language by the clever Western writers or they have some sense behind too? Who coined them??

Well the answer is that yes, they are the words or set of words having some neat sense behind them and Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen has coined them!

Why Disruptive technology; disruptive telephony; disruptive innovation?

Clayton M. Christensen coined the term 'DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY' to describe that ...

... how the modern age cutting edge new technologies are unexpectedly displacing an age old established or old or rather conservative technologies.

For Example: Now-a-days popular VoIP or voice over internet protocol (like Skype etc.) internet telephony is very fast replacing the old wired PSTN or land line phones (cell phones are also doing the same) ... thus VoIP could be said as disruptive telephony!

Sustaining technology versus disruptive technology

Actually in the year 1997 Clayton's best selling book, "The Innovator's Dilemma," divided the new technology into two separate categories, viz.: sustaining and disruptive.

Unlike the disruptive technology, the sustaining tech or innovation does not open the vistas for the new value networks or new markets, but it always tends to evolve along on the lines of existing ones with better values.

Suggested Read:

Cubic-MVNO & Vodafone: Call at Local UK Rates

Global SIM Card (GSM) that shuns roaming cost and provides local calls in THE UK, Cheap calls & data in Europe and worldwide!

Ireland's International mobile phone network: Maxroam, (Cubic Telecom's) has a MVNO agreement in UK which provides local rate calls in UK using Vodafone, so good news for Maxroams global users, they can make unlimited cheap or rather local calls in/from UK and low cost calls in whole of the world using 1 and only 1 single pre-paid SIM card like

Maxroam IMSI technology ensures that the calls and data to be used by their customers is treated at par with locals, to charge them as local calling rates,

So this all means good bye to expensive international roaming bills on cell phone (travel through whole of the lovely Europe, US and the world now with a smile) and very cheap calling on your mobile phones.

How to add a local number to your Maxroam SIM?

A SIM which is smart enough and adaptable according to any country in the world

Yes you can buy and add the local numbers to your Maxroam SIM from following territories:

Read details here

Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong
Korea South
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
South Africa
United Kingdom

Via & Via

Rogers One Number VoIP: Canada Free Calls

VOIP Canada: Free Talk, Free Text, Free Pictures send, Free Video Chat (only to other Rogers One numbers): Rogers One Number (post paid), Canada

Rogers communication with Counterpath from Canada have come a step ahead and promises to their customers the VOIP free calls and many more freebies in telephony. They have created a concept called as ROGERS ONE NUMBER which can be used with your existing phone number.

What is Rogers One Number, Canada?

Now the existing or new wireless users from Rogers wireless are free to make (using web browser) free phone calls, texting for free, and can make free video calls conferencing or video chat from their PC / Laptop via the cell phone number (existing number is fine).

Port your existing cell phone number to your PC and make free unlimited VOIP PC calls

The concept looks strange and opposite to traditional VoIP system, here in Rogers One Number, you are in a way, 'porting' your cell phone number to your computer! It is something like that.

You just need to be a Rogers wireless active customer and than you can login and use this free VOIP calling, free sms or free texting, free video calling service (to Rogers wireless users only) from any part of the world.

Transfer (switch) your wireless mobile calls to your PC, how to?

The good thing is that your wireless phone calls could be seamlessly switch-in (hop) or transferred to your PC (while you are on other call) from your cell phone easily,


Currently the Rogers One Number is compatible also with Gmail and Yahoo mail.

Roam internationally with Rogers One Number and shun hefty roaming to VOIP free calling

Rogers One Numbers can travel with you anywhere, it is truly mobile and can lower your wireless calling bill, as you can login to make free VOIP calls to Canada numbers, from any part of the world using Rogers One Number.

So simply: now get started and call any Canadian number for free, just using your computer (web phone) from anywhere in the world ...

Get Rogers wireless App for Apple iOS devices

Rebtel: Deposit $10, Get Instant $30 Valentine's Day Offer

Smart Valentine's Day offer from Rebtel, the mobile VOIP company, second largest after Skype in the world of VOIP.

The free Rebtel calls credit offer opens on Feb 14, 2012 and is only for 1 day or 24 hours, so grab it ASAP,

For any problem, contact Rebtel guys, they are most dedicated and honest service providers in the world, I appreciate!

Deposit $10 and Get $30 instantly to make free to cheap international calls using cell phones, PC, apps or web.

Use only our link to sign up or you may NOT get this offer, this is a special exclusive deal for this blog's wordwide readers, sign up here for free >>> Valentine's day double bonus offer

Update: If have you missed this free Rebtel free triple bonus offer for any reasons, you may still get $20 calling credit by paying just $10, (for first time users, no last date to sign up and get this offer) only from this exclusive link (this exclusive all time offer is valid only for our global readers): Get 100% bonus ...

Also spread the word, tell to your near and dears to make use of this excellent offer from Rebtel, which specializes in no call drop technology and provides crystal clear calls, it gives FREE international calls in-between 50+ countries too and cheapest calls to Cuba, which is most expensive nation to called.

How to?

Try 5 minutes free calls to anywhere without credit card etc. and check the call quality first.

Cheapest Phone Call to Cuba for 59 Cents/Minutes

Cheapest Calling to Cuba from anywhere in the world

Cuba is one of the country in the world, to where the phone calling is most expensive from any part of the world, and also there said to be the low penetration of internet and WIFI hotspots so it makes even pathetic to make cheap international or low cost overseas phone calls to Cuba from anywhere!

But if you still can manage a VOIP call termination to Cuba, than no doubt unlimited free Skype video or audio calling (Skype to Skype) is the best either from PC, laptop or using apps on mobile or web browser.

If No VOIP/Web is available to terminate your call in Cuba?

...Sorry than you have to make the phone calls to Cuba from any where in the world, which could end up on Cuban cell phones or landlines, (unlike pc to pc) and they will never be free but we have the Rebtel cheap phone calling offer, which is second largest VOIP provider in the world after Skype and specializes in mobile VOIP.

Rebtel rates to call Cuba landlines are: 59 cents/minute

Rebtel rates to call Cuba cell phones are: 59 cents/minute.

call quality is great with newest cutting edge no call drops technology from Rebtel.

Sign up for free Here

FYI: Remember first 5 minutes call is for trial and is absolutely free. So try now.

US: Port Landline Number for Free to VOIP: NetTalk Duo

Land line Phone Number Porting for Free in USA to Digital mobile VOIP (not the mobile number portability: MNP, WNP or WLNP)

If you are in the USA (coming soon in Canada too) and want to keep your existing landline phone number but want to get rid of that wired land line service, so you can do now easily and opt for NetTalk Duo, the VOIP adapter to make free calls in US / Canada and cheap international calls, you can of course keep your existing landline phone number and can port it to you NetTalk Duo device. 

468x60 Get 10% OFF Coupon

Cut that nasty umbilical cord

If you have DSL service than you can port your existing number, learn here

About Phone Number Porting

This nettalk duo phone number porting service is nothing but a service where one can keep his existing phone number while can change the service provider so his old contacts never miss him / her, and when any of his contact dial his number it terminates to his phone though he might have change his telecom service provider. The caller never knows this and can talk as usual.

Reasons to Port the phone number


This may vary and includes various reasons, like cost of service, quality of service, customer care problems, and in case of landline phones, the reasons could range from costs to ease of access or mobility etc. You have to fill a NPA form (number porting authorization) form.

Right now landline phone number porting to NetTalk Duo is available in USA and will soon hit the Canada too, NetTalk Duo provides for free nations wide calling in the USA and Canada without PC.

Stay tuned to this blog for latest updates, VOIP news, in deph analysis and telecom world advancements.

Free International Calls Without Wi-Fi or 3G, How To?

How to Make Free Calls on mobiles without WIFI or 3G, is there any Calling App available to make calls on cellular networks?

Free Calls, VOIP Calling or web / Internet phone calls are getting popular day by day to shun the calling costs and hefty roaming on international travel.

There are hundreds of VOIP apps and mobile VOIP which provides for free or cheap international calls like Skype, Fring, Tango, Facetime, Viber and many more to the list, but generally they need WIFI or 3G to make a free or VOIP cheap calls,

There are some mobile VOIP providers which provides free and low cost calling on their own networks like Rebtel of Sweden, excellent company which has local number calling, which shuns international cost of calls, web calling and mobile calling apps for iOS and Android etc.

Make free iPhone calls without 3G / WIFI

Here is an another app which promises free and cheap international calls without using WIFIor 3G, this is known as CHATTIME.

Download free iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app from Apple apps store, and make free phone calls in more than 50 (currently 54) countries, including China which is the latest entrant to the scene as of writing this post.

Comparison of ChatTime with Skype, Viber, AT&T, Calling cards:

Nobody in the world provides free calling on cellular networks, i.e. making calls without 3G or WIFI (within its users), this is exclusive to chattime calling app, here is the comparison :

The Countries where (in-between) Free international Calls can be