Silent SMS: Beware Your Cell is Being Tracked!?

Silent SMS or Text (Invisible SMS or Stealth Ping SMS) is tracking your GSM mobile, and you are still smiling like a Fo*l!

You even do not know that your GSM mobile is vulnerable and traceable, is also prone to DOS attack, did you know?

Silent SMS / Silent Ping / Flash SMS / Class Zero Messages, learn a bit of this?

As the name suggests, the silent SMS is really silent or in stealth mode, this allows user to SEND a message to a cell phone with NO knowledge of the recipient's cell phone owner, owner never knows that a message came to his cell phone, recipient's mobile phone itself reject that SMS and leaves NO trace of that SMS, on the other hand, the sender of that SMS gets a message from telecom or mobile operator, which confirms that the SILENT SMS has been received. This all happens very smoothly in your pocket on your cell and you are still smiling, huh ;(

Result: You have been tracked! In Europe and many where, the police tracks this way by sending silent SMS, we do not want to comment on the legality of this all, this is beyond our domain. This may be a good tracing tool for policing with the help of communication technology.

But the bad is that these silent SMS can equally be used by few intelligent hackers to make DDOS or distributed denial of service attacks, so your cell phone battery may exhaust much before time and your calls will NOT reach you, many times etc. and FYI: the cost to send a silent SMS per second and for 1 hour will cost you approx Euros 36.

If you need more information on silent sms than this is a good read!


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