Instantly Turn Word Press Site in Native IOS App, Earn Money Too

How To, instantly Turn Word Press Blogs and Site into Native Apple iOS App and Monetize too?!

Word Press is a name and a popular online platform to make free to paid Blogs & Websites. Yes, one can use free or paid WP domains / hosting to make a blog or a website.

Create iOS Apps and Earn Money Too, How?

Do you want to create an app for Apple (iTunes) App store and want to monetize it to so can make some cool bucks? If yes than continue reading this post, this has some useful tips for you too,

Do you always want to convert your blog/website into an app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad but do not know the app creation basics or coding etc, than you should also continue and go through this post, here are some cool app making tips for you too,

Appifier is a perfect solution which solves all such problems; you can just convert your WordPress Blog or website into an Ios app in less than a minute, can monetize it with a paid option or may be with Google Adsense etc. online advertisement solutions etc.

Word Press (WP) to iOS App

Converting your Word Press site into an iOS smart phones and iPad application gives you creative satisfaction, traffic, money and a push to make more such apps, more money, name, fame and so on …

Appifier right now is in the Beta mode and is NOT free to use, they have some premium to go ahead like $40 per month or may be $500 for life time, the choice is always yours!

Appifier guys are smart to catch this lucrative, virgin and untouched market potential, we know the WP sites/blogs are ever increasing, and the desire to earn some honest money too using Apple apps, thus Appifier has a fusion of both: WP into Apps, this is perfect landing, blending or we can say, a good ‘morphing effect’ for the two tech things!

WP sells and that is Ios (currently only iOS) apps too : ) so calculate the potential per month Appifier will gain, I can clearly see another ‘Google’ in the making, this is superb business idea which combines good solution for app makers and Word Press bloggers! This is a win-win situation for all.

So give it a try, mobilize & monetize your Wordpress blogs/website with Appifier, they are all set to pump out the custom Apple iPhone and Google Android (coming later) native apps for your site in minutes!


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Another great tool to convert website to mobile friendly is WOMPLE. Check us out:

Also, to see how the service works, here's a testimonial video:

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