Hash Tag Communication for Geo-Location Sharing!

Worried Mother calling
Hash Tag Communication
#Hashtag in web-mobile communication

... So you too love your Mom!? But too busy to make a phone call or SMS, or what you do when she is worried for you, the loving son or may be a daughter, here comes the cellular and web technology combined to rescue you and your loving Mother, so let Mom know you got there safe ...

Hash Tag Mom is the latest communication wonder which uses web, internet, hash tag and cell phone technology.

You should be of course very well aware of the use of hash tags on Twitter ; )

What the heck HashTagMom is?

#TagMom is an innovative communication service known as#mom which makes it easy to get to your Mother and to ease her anxiety, if any, this texting/calling unique service lets your Mom know where you are right now!

What to do and how to do to communicate using hash tag?

1. Just punch your Mother's phone number, sign up is free,
2. Add #mom to your Foursquare check in, login Foursquare,
3. Your Mom will get an automated text or phone call re: your status!

A High Tech and Non-conservative & Non-traditional mode of communication: #Tagmom (bit like you do it on Twitter)

So next time when you land at airport, back from school or so, go to #mom, and type a quick message for her in your check in or opt for a phone call, your mother will automatically know where you are and what you are doing, after all she is your Mom!

#mom is helped by at Twilio which powers the apps that communicates and it also uses Foursquare third party geo-location sharing technology!

Do you love your 'tech savvy' Mom, than use #mom innovative communication app and no harm you can use this for your Dad or may be Fiance too, just change the phone number but do not change the #mom tag ; )

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